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With one of the best lifecycle marketing engines in the home builder market, JG King proves a full funnel approach will put you in the fast lane.


Our most important job as marketers is to know our customers.

With 52% of people likely to switch brands for a personalised experience, expectations have never been higher.

This is a challenge for brands in high value markets, where a viable sales lead could be 8 touchpoints away. JG King approached us with this very problem. How do you introduce personalisation into complex, non-linear journeys?

With an idea to service every stage of the funnel, we identified a need to bridge the gap between their marketing and sales units. The growth team started by analysing the current state of JG King’s customer experience.

We worked closely with the client to identify opportunities to leverage customer experience as a sales driver, customer service and customer engagement tool. In order to move to full funnel lead generation, a unified messaging and data strategy would need to come into play.

Going cross-channel, cross-device

When consumers interact with the JG King brand, there is no line between online and offline. In this landscape, an omnichannel approach delivers maximum impact. We developed a cross-channel strategy that would generate sales inquiries by unifying social, search, EDM, calling and SMS at each stage of the sales funnel:

  • Top of funnel: find new prospects with lookalike audiences and refine targeting with real-time call centre insights
  • Middle of funnel: profile leads based on intent to ensure lead quality and nurture leads who aren’t ready to purchase through segmented marketing automation
  • Bottom of funnel: target qualified leads with conversion-based trigger advertising and drive appointment attendance through localised retargeting


Supporting sales with enriched data

Embracing the fluidity between online and offline behaviours is key in high-value purchases. Our call centre worked with JG King’s sales agents to give them help where they needed it most: pre-qualification, handover and database segmentation for future marketing efforts.

With our agents pre-qualifying leads within two hours of being generated, reporting on objections and integrating the data directly into the CRM, JG King’s sales agents were free to prioritise the hot leads and allocate resources accordingly.


Lead Generation

Phone Sales

Salesforce CRM Management

Customer experience

Leveraging the power of Salesforce and Marketo, we delivered 2,561 new prospects and 308 deposits over 12 months.

47% of leads were qualified and successfully handed over to agents, showing the impact of a cross-channel, full-funnel approach on your bottom line.

Applying these lessons to your own strategies

Here are three insights with our thoughts on how you can improve your lifecycle marketing.

Go omni-channel

Unify the cross channel customer experience between your database, paid and organic

Keep it consistent at every point of contact

To build an engaged community, keep your core messaging aligned across channels

Serve personalised advertising

Based on the user behaviour, demographics, funnel stage and lead score.



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