Contributing to over $20M in sales with end-to-end nurturing and MA platform migration for AVID Property Group

After collaborating with AVID Property Group to map out their customer journey, we identified the need for a more robust marketing automation platform than ClickDimensions. After all, complex customer journeys go hand in hand with complex nurture challenges.

Our work begain in 2019, when we transition AVID’s MA activities to Marketo. This enhanced AVID’s digital marketing efforts with improved lead scoring, sales alerts and insights into lead interactions, ensuring a seamless transition without disrupting ongoing marketing automation activities. We developed targeted email nurtures, implemented AVIDConnect for key customer milestones and established a Centre of Excellence for the AVID team to manage campaign independently.

Fast forward to 2021, and following AVID’s acquisition of Villaworld and their CRM migration from Microsoft Dynamics to Salresforce, a new Marketo instance was set up to sync with Salesforce. This required customising and reconfiguring the existing marketing setups to align with the new CRM system.

In addition, our team worked closely with AVID to reconfigure AVIDConnect to be scalable, integrate GetFeedback surveys, set up a referral program to encourage repeat business and a check-in program for sales centres. These initiatives aimed to refine AVID’s lead management and nurture processes, resulting in increased visibility for their sales team and a personalised end-to-end experience for leads.

  • 4X.X%
  • Leads engaged with at least one email in the nurtures
  • 17
  • Nurtures created
  • $2X.XM
  • Amounting to over $2X.XM in sales

The Team

Sarah Kelland | Senior Account Manager

Sam Gossage | Head of Marketing Automation

Christopher Laver | Senior Marketing Automation Producer

Owen Taffinder | Senior Marketing Automation Consultant

Camille Tabagan | Digital Producer

Frances Lim | Marketing Automation Producer

Gyweneth Katigbak | Marketing Automation Producer

Harnessing the power of email and SMS

Leaning on Social Garden’s expertise in customer experience, AVID’s ideal customer journey was meticulously mapped out and transformed into a tailored marketing automation strategy. Harnessing the power of email and SMS to foster communication with leads and customers, our objective was to ensure a personalised touch at each stage of the customer lifecycle. Our team’s proficiency in Marketo and Salesforce was instrumental in bringing this vision to life. By integrating standardised form submissions into Marketo custom objects, developing Salesforce functions for timely automation triggers and employing velocity scripting for email personalisation, we crafted a seamless, data-driven customer journey. Custom scoring models and comprehensive training materials were also developed to empower AVID's marketing team.

Scaling the customer purchase MA program

Efficiency soared as AVIDConnect was rebuilt so that it could be upscaled to work for any number of AVID’s developments. This strategic overhaul eliminated the need to create separate programs for each development, saving considerable time and resources for the client.

So, how did we do?

“Taking AVID’s Marketo instance from empty to a fully fledged marketing automation machine that nurtures leads throughout the customer journey has been an epic experience made especially rewarding with the high engagement rates we’ve achieved! It’s been incredible utilising some of Marketo’s greatest features including Marketo custom objects and velocity scripting for increased personalisation.”

— Christopher Laver
Senior Marketing Automation Producer

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