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Remarketing Back

Why You Need AI in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Aren't we lucky to be marketers working in the digital age? Rather than tech taking our jobs as previously thought, it will do the menial tasks...

2 years ago

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Connecting Salesforce CRM & Paid Media

Data from both paid media channels and CRM platforms are invaluable tools for any marketer. And there was once a time when these two data sets...

5 years ago

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What does Amazons retargeting product mean for marketers

What Does Amazon’s Retargeting Product Mean for Marketers?

In the latest episode of our digital marketing series, we cover Amazon's retargeting product and what this might mean for marketers and your...

6 years ago

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more effective advertising for education institutions

How to Engage Students Using Retargeting

A student comes to your education institute’s website. He clicks over to the Music courses and stars browsing through the different qualifications....

9 years ago

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keeping consumers keen

Why Personalised Remarketing is Key to Increasing Conversion

Remarketing does not have to be so general. In fact, you have a better chance of increasing your conversion if you personalise your remarketing...

9 years ago

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Design your own success

The Guide to the Ultimate Retargeting Banner

You know the importance of retargeting as an effective way to remind prospects about your product or service and keep your company fresh in their...

9 years ago

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Making the Most out of Your Remarketing Campaign

3 Ways to Kick-Start your Remarketing Campaign

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” This classic phrase could be the inspiration for all kinds of actions in life, but it is...

10 years ago

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