Digital Marketing Glossary for Property Developers – Part 1

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On the Social Garden Property Group blog, we delve into a host of revenue performance management (RPM) strategies, across digital platforms, marketing theory and technology. We love discovering new developments in the space, and we want to bring you along for the ride.

Part 1 of our Digital Marketing Glossary has been designed to give you the insights for a deeper understanding of revenue performance management in the context of property development. The following are our frequently asked about terms. Later editions will delve further into digital marketing concepts.

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Property Developer’s Guide to Preparing for Marketing Automation

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The increased uptake of marketing automation software has made a drastic impact in the real estate space, creating incredible opportunities for property developers to move leads through the purchase process and convert them into sales. Using marketing automation software across the Marketing and Sales teams will help them work together to convert leads, ultimately resulting in a higher propensity for an increase in sales. Click here to read a quick overview of marketing automation. Read More