Attracting metro leads to a rural retirement project for Arcadia Group

Nestled in Hidden Valley is La Dimora Retirement Village, a resort-style community by the Arcadia Group. Challenged by its semi-rural location, Arcadia came to Social Garden to help bridge the gap between the idyllic Hidden Valley and the bustling life of metro Melbourne. Their objective was clear: attract a discerning mix of local and metropolitan downsizers, and entice them to explore the resort’s large, meticulously designed villas that promise safety, security, and sophistication.

So, we were tasked with lead generation for La Dimora, and our mission was to attract potential residents but also drive appointments and ultimately enhance the efficiency of the sales process. We were entrusted to act as a strategic extension of Arcadia Group’s marketing team on the ground in Victoria (their own marketing team is based in Perth), leveraging our experience from similar campaigns to navigate the unique challenge of a semi-rural location.

Our goal? To seamlessly connect metropolitan allure with the rustic charm of Hidden Valley through effective targeting and lead generation.

  • 264 leads
  • in the first 3 months
  • $150 CPL
  • in the first 3 months
  • 74% profiling rate
  • in the first 3 months


The Team

Victoria Molin | Senior Account Manager

Santiago Garcia | Campaign Manager

Gemma Lawrence | Senior Copywriter

Ryan Benniston | Senior Designer

Attracting rural and metro buyers alike

To align with La Dimora’s vision of attracting a diverse blend of local and metropolitan downsizers, our strategy was a sophisticated amalgamation of paid digital tactics and insightful lead profiling.

We launched a dual-fronted campaign that combined the precision of Google Search with both localised geo-targeting and keyword strategies that spanned across Victoria, all while leveraging Facebook’s expansive reach to tap into both regional and metropolitan hotspots.

Knowing the power of lead qualification for property campaigns like this, we directed all prospects to a profiling page after they’d submitted a form of interest. This armed the La Dimora sales and marketing team with invaluable insights for effective lead nurturing.

As the campaign gained momentum, we expanded our digital arsenal by incorporating Bing to capture an untapped audience, and employed Google Display Network (GDN) for strategic re-marketing that ensured La Dimora remained a top-of-mind choice for those envisioning a luxurious retirement lifestyle.

Results to write home about

In month 6 of the campaign...






profiling rate

Always optimising

We’re always optimising here at Social Garden, and our campaign with La Dimora was no different. Throughout the La Dimora campaign, we implemented pivotal optimisations to captivate our prospective audience and drive conversions:

  • Clear messaging: Given the low brand awareness, we refined our messaging to distinctly communicate La Dimora as a retirement destination, ensuring we attracted highly relevant leads.
  • Visual appeal: We used some stunning drone imagery of Hidden Valley to use in feed ads, so audiences could really visualise the lifestyle at La Dimora.
  • Lifestyle highlight: Our ads were continually updated to amplify the resort-style elements of La Dimora, emphasising its premium amenities like the 18-hole golf course. This significantly boosted lead conversions on Facebook.
  • Expanded reach: To address the limited impression potential on search engines, we introduced Bing for its demographic alignment, and then meticulously optimised our keywords. This move catapulted high-intent search leads by an impressive 350% month-on-month.

“It’s been a lot of fun working on this project and seeing the continuous improvements to the campaign month on month, from testing different aspects of La Dimora in our ad and landing page, and optimising based on these insights.”

— Victoria Molin
Senior Account Manager

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