Boosting Cooly Rocks On: Our Campaign Drives Over 85,000 Website Visits

Cooly Rocks On is all about bringing back the good old days with its celebration of rock 'n' roll, rockabilly tunes, vintage cars, and all things retro.

Our main goals for the festival were to get more people talking about it, attract a wider crowd, and sell more tickets. We were targeting locals, folks from nearby areas, and people coming in from other states. We also wanted to hype up Destination Gold Coast's competition and get people excited for next year's event. Plus, we aimed to promote places to stay for those driving in or flying from afar.

We were tasked with creating a digital ad campaign to hit these targets and keep the festival rocking on.

  • 85,000
  • Website visits
  • 50%
  • Branded search impressions
  • 3.5M
  • Impressions from the campaign

The Team

Katja Becher | Account Manager

Georgia Worswick | Campaign Director

Kiera Eardley, | Copywriter

Ryan Benniston | Senior Designer

Claudia Thwaites | Digital Designer

Dana Wu | Digital Designer

Darcy Keeley | Senior Marketing Specialist

The challenge at hand

The Cooly Rocks On festival had its fair share of hurdles to jump over, and here's what we were up against:

Our first big task was creating content that hit the mark with a wide range of folks, from 18-year-olds to those 50 and over. We needed to nail the vibe of the festival's three main themes: music, motors, and lifestyle. That meant appealing to rock 'n' roll fans, vintage car lovers, and people into the whole retro lifestyle.

We wanted to pull in a mixed bag of people, from first-timers to those who come back every year. With interests all over the map, from rock 'n' roll and rockabilly to Elvis tributes, dance, pin-up pageants, and vintage cars, we had our work cut out for us in crafting a marketing strategy that spoke to everyone.

Another challenge was getting the word out far and wide, not just to locals and folks in the state but also to people from other states. This meant we had to be smart about targeting different areas to make sure the festival got noticed.

To top it all off, we were working with a lean budget. So, our marketing moves had to pack a punch without breaking the bank.

These challenges made it clear we needed a custom-fit digital marketing strategy to tackle the unique needs of the Cooly Rocks On festival.

A multi-channel strategy

To tackle the challenges faced by Cooly Rocks On and meet the festival's key objectives, Damn Good came up with a multi-channel strategy that was all about using digital advertising and user-generated content (UGC) to connect with the diverse target audience and promote the festival's unique blend of free and ticketed events.

We used a mix of digital advertising channels to make sure we reached as many people as possible. By targeting locals, folks within the state, and those from other states, we aimed to attract both new and returning festival-goers from different areas.

We know that authentic, relatable content has a big impact. So, we included UGC videos in our campaign to show off real festival experiences. These videos helped build a sense of community and excitement around the event, encouraging people to interact with the brand and get to know it on a more personal level.

By combining targeted digital advertising with engaging UGC, Damn Good's strategy aimed to increase brand awareness, reach a wider audience, and drive ticket sales for the Cooly Rocks On festival.

The Cooly Rocks On campaign was a hit, perfectly blending digital innovation with a touch of nostalgia. By mixing multi-channel digital advertising with genuine user-generated content, we didn't just boost the festival's brand; we also built a lively community of rock 'n' roll and rockabilly fans.

The campaign's standout metrics, from more visitors to better brand awareness, show off our skills in navigating the ever-changing world of digital marketing.

The results? The campaign made a big splash with over 3.5 million impressions during the 4 months it ran, drawing over 85k visits to the website and racking up another 246k engagements on Facebook and Instagram. Plus, branded keywords scored a 50% impression share for the duration of the campaign, showing just how memorable the festival has become.

“It was so much fun working on such a unique festival with a great and diverse offering. We consistently optimised the content for best practice and to fit the channel and audiences, and achieved amazing CTRs and impressions across the board.”

— Katja Becher
Account Manager

Results we are super proud of


visits to the website 
(from our campaign alone)


branded search impressions


impressions from the campaign


engagements on our campaign ads

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