How we optimised Mirvac’s email templates to increase user engagement by 24%

The right email template sets a great foundation for the rest of your email marketing activities. Ask our team and they’ll tell you that the best template is one that’s adaptable, clean and customer-first. To this end, Mirvac approached us to help refresh their own Mirvac Retail and Mirvac Office email marketing templates.

Their current templates lacked consistency, a human touch to foster personal connections, adaptive elements for readability and accessibility, and flexibility in the modules. In addressing this, our goal was to improve user engagement and drive better results across their email campaigns.

We focused on making the design templates mobile-first, more compatible with dark mode and easily editable without the Mirvac team needing to go into the code, empowering them to make changes without requiring deep technical expertise, saving time and effort.

We leveraged the capabilities of Salesforce Marketing Cloud to both assess the templates and develop an updated suite to support their email marketing efforts. This collaborative and forward-thinking approach aimed to empower Mirvac to better engage their audience and enhance their brand perception through improved digital communication.

  • 24%
  • Increase in click-through rates


Sarah Kelland & Danielle Skittrall | Account Management

Sam Gossage | Head of Marketing Automation

MCoy Aguirre | Project Manager

Dana Wu & Camille Tabagan | Email Design & Development

Frances Lim | Email Builds & QA

Our collaborative strategy & approach

Our aim was to create templates that supported Mirvac’s branding while being highly functional across different viewing modes. So, what did this process look like?

  • Collaborative Design Process: Working closely with Mirvac’s team, we tailored the designs within the framework of Salesforce Marketing Cloud to meet their specific needs, often finding creative solutions to overcome limitations.
  • Adaptive Testing: We conducted extensive testing to ensure the templates performed well in both light and dark modes across various devices, making adjustments as needed to optimise visual appeal and functionality.
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration: Leveraged the platform’s capabilities to enhance template functionality, allowing for dynamic content and interactive elements.
  • Content Block Customization: Utilised content blocks within Salesforce to provide Mirvac with the flexibility to modify layouts, integrate brand elements, and adjust designs as needed without technical assistance.

Transformative email marketing results

The revamped email templates led to a noticeable improvement in user engagement:

  • Increased Click-through Rates: From an average of 1.74% to 2.16%, indicating a more engaging user experience.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Feedback from Mirvac’s team highlighted the ease of template customisation and the positive impact on their marketing campaigns.

Mirvac’s revamped email templates now provide a seamless and engaging user experience, promoting better interaction with their content and supporting their ongoing marketing strategies. This project highlights our ability to adapt to client needs and emerging trends, delivering solutions that are both innovative and practical.

Ginny Barro

"The new templates enable Mirvac to deliver more impactful and targeted email campaigns. Our approach not only delivered tangible results but also empowered the client with the knowledge and tools to continue leveraging Salesforce Marketing Cloud effectively for future email marketing endeavours.”

— Sam Gossage

Head of Marketing Automation

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