What Does Amazon’s Retargeting Product Mean for Marketers?

What does Amazons retargeting product mean for marketers

In the latest episode of our digital marketing series, we cover Amazon’s retargeting product and what this might mean for marketers and your remarketing strategy.

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Marina McManaway:

People are always asking us, “what’s new on the horizon.” So today we’re going to talk about Amazon’s retargeting ad product.

Alice Nuttall:

So just a little bit of background, when did you first become aware of this new launch?


Amazon’s been moving pretty aggressively into the advertising space. Last year their business was worth about $1.6b to them, but just recently they’ve actually cancelled all Google shopping ads completely.


Yeah and from what I’ve read that’s a massive loss to Google – that was a $50m account. So do you have any idea what this new product is going to look like?


Most likely it’s going to be a pay-per-click product so it will be on third party websites, really, a direct competitor with the Google Display Network.


And why does Amazon’s new remarketing product matter to marketers?


It matters to marketers because Amazon’s currently seen as one of the few viable challengers to the Facebook-Google duopoly.


And what should marketers be doing in preparation for this new launch?


As an advertiser in Australia, there is a big opportunity for first mover advantage on the Amazon advertising platform. So especially if you’re an e-commerce company, I think Amazon advertising should be a part of your 6 to 12-month plan.

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