High quality and quick - Generating 150 new leads for Frasers Property’s Bradmill Yarraville project pre-launch

Frasers Property Australia is a dynamic property developer known for creating vibrant communities. Their latest gem, Bradmill in Yarraville, is a stylish blend of apartments and townhomes, adding a modern twist to the local heritage.

Launching Bradmill in Yarraville, Melbourne, wasn’t just about showcasing chic apartments and townhomes; it was about creating buzz and building a community from the ground up.

Our aim was to spark interest for Frasers’ latest project, even before its official unveiling. We rolled up our sleeves to navigate the challenge of launching without a starting price for the properties, using a sneak-peek approach to tease the brand and development.

The strategy? To build a solid prospect database and attract quality leads, all within a tight six-month lead-up to the sales launch. Balancing limited information and market uncertainties, we crafted a campaign that was tailored to attract genuinely interested buyers. Our goal was clear: to set the stage for a successful sales launch in late 2023, ensuring Bradmill becomes the talk of the town in Yarraville.

  • 17.44%
  • Ad campaign conversion rate in the first month
  • 150
  • New high quality leads generated in the first month
  • 69.33%
  • Profiling rate for leads in the first month


The Team

Ginny Barro | Account Director

Georgia Worswick | Campaign Director

Nicholas Failla | Copywriter

Claudia Thwaites | Designer

Kevin Malaluan | Designer

Capturing leads through storytelling

Our campaign strategy for Bradmill focused on digital agility and precision targeting. Starting with a lead generation campaign, we harnessed the power of Meta and Google to spark interest and capture leads early on.

We took a storytelling approach to lead generation here — by unveiling Bradmill’s narrative in stages, we kept our audience engaged and built anticipation with each reveal. This sequential storytelling was synced with key moments like the opening of the sales office and retail launch, creating a crescendo of interest just at the right times.

Smart spending

Budgeting was smart from the get-go. We kicked off with a modest spend, then adjusted our investment based on the response, ensuring we got the most bang for our buck.

Targeting was laser focused on the local owner-occupier market, specifically in Maribyrnong and Hobson’s Bay, and was designed to be appealing to a range of people — from first-home buyers to professionals and upsizers. We used Meta for its dynamic retargeting capabilities and Google Search for capturing high intent prospects.

Refining with precision

A game-changer in our campaign was the decision to implement an A/B test on Meta, specifically examining the cost-per-lead (CPL) difference between male and female audiences.

With males making up 73% of our Meta audience and showing a significantly lower CPL, we hypothesised that focusing solely on this demographic could maximise our conversion efficiency. No creative changes, just a strategic pivot in targeting to amplify our campaign’s effectiveness.

This move exemplifies our commitment to adapt and refine our strategies in real-time, ensuring Bradmill’s journey towards its sales launch was not just seen but felt.

So, how did we do?


Ad campaign conversion rate in the first month


New high quality leads generated in the first month


Profiling rate for leads in the first month

What does the client think?

The client feedback here has been really positive! We have a long-standing, very strong relationship with Frasers Property Australia, and already work across a number of their projects — so it’s been fantastic to add another to the list with great success.

Ginny Barro

This has been my highest performing campaign to date! Especially with a project that’s in it’s inception, it’s been amazing to see the response we’ve generated so far. Our aim of the game will be to continue to see high metrics and optimise as we enter the next stage of the project. 

— Ginny Barro
Senior Account Manager

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