Improving lead quality through a multi-channel approach to social media 

In today's digital landscape, the power of organic social media is often undersold.

As privacy changes and cookie deprecation continue to impact the quality and reliability of website data, the importance of a robust social media presence has never been more pronounced.

At Social Garden, we've seen firsthand how investing in organic content can significantly enhance the quality of your paid audiences. For many clients, there’s untapped and tangible benefits to integrating organic content with insights from paid campaign data - and vice versa.

Take a look at property developer Frasers Property Australia and their Victorian community, Mambourin.

The challenge our client faced was multi-dimensional:

  • Slowed Lead Generation: Extended periods of slow lead generation as the campaign matured, impacting its overall effectiveness.
  • Limited Organic Brand Presence: A lack of substantial brand presence from an organic perspective, hindering audience engagement and brand recognition.

So, how did we tackle it?

  • 38.67%
  • Drop in cost per lead in social media LLAs
  • 52.25%
  • Increase in conversion rate in social media LLAs
  • 5-month
  • Time frame

The Team

Ginny Barro | Senior Account Manager

Georgia Worswick | Campaign Director

Lauren Lucas | Social Media Producer

Bridging the gap with organic social media

Our strategy to enhance lead quality and brand presence revolved around fostering a collaborative environment between our paid and organic social media teams.

We introduced monthly Work In Progress (WIP) meetings at the team level, where insights from both paid and organic campaigns were shared and discussed. This cross-pollination of ideas ensured that top-performing elements from one area could be seamlessly integrated into the other, creating a cohesive and impactful media plan.

One example of this collaboration was the sharing of profiling insights to inform content themes specifically tailored for an acquisition audience, distinct from the content aimed at existing residents or buyers. Additionally, we leveraged top-performing social assets in our paid ad creatives, ensuring that our most engaging content reached a wider audience.

Increasing ROI through an integrated social media approach

On the advertising front, we refined our approach by introducing a retargeting audience based on recent social media engagement, as well as a lookalike audience that mirrored the timeframe of our social content efforts.

To maintain the focus on potential new leads, exclusion lists were applied to filter out engagement from existing residents, who make up a significant portion of our social interactions.

The results speak for themselves: over a five-month period following the implementation of our integrated strategy, we saw a 38.67% reduction in Cost Per Lead (CPL) and a 52.25% increase in conversion rate among social media based audiences.

These results underscore the importance of a robust social media audience, which is 'owned' within the same ecosystem as social advertising.

The takeaway? Investing quality, cohesive organic content has a bigger impact (and return on investment) than you might think.

“Having the option to utilise our organic audiences to benefit our paid channels has been a game-changer. Not only are we seeing a lower cost-per-lead, but most importantly, our clients see a higher quality lead come through.

Having a multi-tiered approach to hit all demographics is definitely the way forward.”

— Ginny Barro
Senior Account Manager

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