5 Lead Generation Strategies to Generate Sales

Need to optimise your lead generation campaigns but fresh out of ideas?

The following tried and tested lead generation ideas might just be the thing you need to troubleshoot your social media marketing.

Read on for quality lead generation examples that deliver outstanding conversion rates.

Lead generation strategies

Idea 1: Build anticipation with staged messaging

Wouldn’t it be great if your customers were waiting on the edge of their seats for the moment your product is released?

You can make it happen with staged messaging. This lead generation strategy builds excitement and anticipation, along with a qualified database, just in time for your launch. Sometimes a less is more approach is what you need to drive conversion.

We used this approach recently to maximise the launch of Miles Residences, luxury apartments in Kirra Point.

Our communication strategy involved splitting the messaging into a three-step campaign:

  • Stage 1: Whisper
    Minimal information to create interest and intrigue. Allow users to register their interest and receive a drip feed of selling points.
  • Stage 2: Pre-Release
    With their interest piqued, leads were keen to get more information and explore the residences by booking a VIP appointment.
  • Stage 3: On-Market
    Off the back of pre-market build-up, the official launch went off with a bang with more apartments selling ahead of forecast.

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Idea 2: Engage a call centre to complement your lead gen

A lot of businesses find it hard to make that step from generating a lead to actually converting a sale.

Without making that connection, you won’t see results reflected in your ROI.

Engaging a call centre could be your secret weapon to optimise a lead generation campaign and reduce your cost per lead as well as your cost per sale.

We’ve used our own Melbourne-based call centre to complement the lead generation strategy recently for one of Australia’s most popular builders, Metro Homes SA.

Our success for Metro Homes SA involved:

  • Using SMS lead verification to increase phone connection by 65%
  • Transfering sales ready leads to a booking agent via phone
  • Adding live chat to the confirmation page to allow another opportunity for leads to book an appointment

Read all about it: A data driven lead generation and conversion strategy for Metro Homes SA

Idea 3: Capture more data to personalise your content

In 2021, users expect nothing less than personalised experience each time they engage with a brand.

The more you can personalise your lead generation campaign, the more likely prospects will be to convert on your product.

So how do you create an outstanding user experience that evolves with your prospects’ shifting wants and needs?

You do it with data.

In our recent campaign for New Zealand developer Wilshire, we leveraged data to better understand the buyer’s motivations and achieve a significant reduction in cost per sale.

Our key data-driven strategies involved segmenting audiences to deliver relevant content across multiple channels.

Indispensable to this was a robust testing and optimisation framework that aimed to find out the optimal conversion journey for Wilshire’s customers.

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Idea 4: Optimise your content regularly, not just when it needs it

Data, metrics and technology are key drivers behind social media marketing results. They all feed into creating conversion-focused content that has the potential to make a good campaign great, and maximise your ROI.

In our recent lead generation campaign for property developer Mirvac’s Olivine community, we used content to differentiate Olivine from its competitors. Our creative assets addressed vital questions like “Why Olivine?” and “Why Mirvac?” alongside thumb-stopping images and videos.

This messaging was regularly updated and optimised in line with insights from our profiling pages. The objective of these pages was to give a clear picture of the audience including their objections, product preferences and budget, and how these changed over time and with the market.

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Idea 5: Map the customer journey to understand the gaps

If you’re getting underwhelming results from your lead generation strategies, it’s time to turn your attention to the leads that don’t convert.

By analysing what doesn’t work, you’ll gain better insight into exactly what does.

When we audited Caydon Property Group’s marketing and sales process, we used customer journey mapping to better align the buyer journey to their marketing campaigns.

In this way, we were able to resolve pain points along the buyer’s journey and address the motivations unique to Caydon’s audience.

In one example, we discovered that the sales team were reaching out to leads too early in their journey. This was remedied by improving the lead nurture process to reduce hesitancy and give buyers back control of their purchasing decisions.

It’s just one of the many strategies we used to deliver Caydon an uptick in their conversions and sales.

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How to improve lead generation

There’s no quick fix to improve your lead generation strategy but testing again and again is by far the best approach to making an impact. Draw on some of our own lead generation examples and ideas and you could achieve the kind of conversion rates we’ve delivered to our clients.

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