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Higher Education Call Centres: Scripts vs Frameworks

If call centre marketing is a service that you're still on the fence about and not yet convinced it’s worth your time, we’re here to tell you...

6 months ago

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How to Generate Qualified Home Buyer Leads with Live Chat

In a world where digital channels are always expanding, it’s hard to know which one is the right one to go for, and when to go with it.  However,...

6 months ago

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4 Steps to Optimise Your Post Enquiry Call Process

Sharing the secret sauce... Did you know that Social Garden offers a call concierge service for customers and has 10 full-time agents based in...

2 years ago

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Case Study: Quick Wins for Student Recruitment

When conversation drives conversion Existing data is often put to one side when it comes to recruiting new students. Yet this data presents a great...

3 years ago

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Case Study: Market Research – Kangan Institute

The Skills and Job Centre is a one-stop-shop for anyone seeking to explore tertiary studies, training, job and career options. Following the closure...

4 years ago

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