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4 Steps to Optimise Your Post Enquiry Call Process

Sharing the secret sauce... Did you know that Social Garden offers a call concierge service for customers and has 10 full-time agents based in...

2 months ago

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How COVID-19 Is Changing The Property Research Process

Background As we move deeper into the social distancing regime due to the spread of COVID-19 we are slowly (and I do mean slowly) starting to see...

5 months ago

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5 Steps to Create Display Walk-Through Content on a Budget

The property market is facing a huge challenge at the moment as the sector navigates adapting to COVID-19. How do we sell homes to people when...

6 months ago

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Property Marketing & Sales During COVID-19

Background The rapid spread of COVID-19 will herald significant changes in consumer behaviour over the coming weeks as stricter government...

6 months ago

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The Ultimate Home Builder Review: Spring Offers 2019

Home builders across the country have continued to deliver their biggest offers in Spring. During the 2019 promotional season we have seen four...

8 months ago

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Facebook Attribution Reporting Explained

How does Facebook Attribution work? Relying solely on cookies and last-click attribution won’t give you the whole picture of which parts of your...

10 months ago

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3 Steps Marketing & Sales Need to Plan for Ahead of Christmas

It seems like only yesterday that Spring Promotions went from planned to launched and still there is plenty to be done before the annual migration of...

11 months ago

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