Miles Residences
by KTQ Group

Learn how Social Garden helped build an engaged audience of buyers prior to project launch for the iconic, Miles Residence by KTQ Group in Kirra, QLD

Campaign Overview

Social Garden partnered with Monday Agency (brand strategy) and Keenan & Co. (master agent) to devise a release strategy that would build sales momentum early and maximise the launch of Miles Residences, luxury apartments in Kirra Point.


Driving anticipation via a staged release

Social Garden and the marketing team developed a communication strategy to build excitement around this iconic beachfront development. The release was split into 3 stages: whisper, pre-release and on-market.


sales enquiries


website conversion rate


sales appointments


cost per sale



The whisper campaign focused on the location and gave prospective purchasers the opportunity to register for more information. Once registered, prospects entered a drip campaign that showcased the key selling points of the project. Depending on when they entered the campaign, they received these emails across a 6-week period.

Social Garden took a data-driven approach by leveraging first-party data accessed via an exclusive partnership with third party property portals. This enabled the team to target prospective home buyers (local downsizers and interstate lifestyle investors) to register for Miles Residences and begin receiving project information.

This stage of the strategy was extremely effective and generated more than 250 enquiries across the 6-week period.


Once the display suite was ready to roll and in the 4-week period leading up to the launch, the campaign moved into pre-release VIP appointments. We continued to use data-driven advertising to attract buyers to the project page where they could profile themselves and request a sales appointment with the agent.

During this time, we had hundreds of people request appointments with the sales agents. By the time the project launched, a substantial number of sales had already been made.

Up until this point, Social Garden was the only active marketing channel outside of PR.


Off the back of this tremendous pre-market phase, the official launch went off with a bang. Major news outlets covered Miles Residences and its success to date. At the time of writing this, the project is more than 85% sold and close to selling out ahead of the original forecast.

“Social Garden helped us to develop the digital marketing strategy for Miles Residences. Their team managed lead generation, CRM and lead nurture. The CRM made it easy for us to manage our sales pipeline effectively. The marketing analytics, and specifically the cost-per-sale reporting they implemented, was critical in driving our advertising investment strategy. Social Garden’s digital advertising and lead generation played a key role in the success of the project. I’m looking forward to working with George and the team on future projects.”

Tim Keenan, Keenan & Co.




CRM setup for sales & marketing

Social Garden worked with Keenan and Co. to implement Property Base as part of the project. The system was easy to use which ensured the sales team were able to stay on top of the sales opportunities as they were inundated with enquiries.

Social Garden implemented full-funnel cost per sale tracking to help KTQ track the sales pipeline and measure the ROI of each channel in real-time.

“What we like about this setup is the real-time tracking and constant refinement of the marketing spend and effectiveness. It helps us ensure that we are getting the best value for our advertising dollars along with a solid breakdown of leads and sales status.”

Jeremy Holmes, Development Director, KTQ Group.

Lead nurturing to support sales

Social Garden developed an email marketing nurture strategy to help qualify prospective buyers and support the sales team at each stage of the development.

The nurture was broken into 10 key touchpoints (emails and SMS) which focused on highlighting the key selling points of the project. The content was personalised based on the stage of the CRM and individual buyer types. The majority of emails were plain text designed to look as if they came from the agent assigned to the prospect.

To date, the nurture campaign has generated over 800 appointment/call-back requests as a result of people clicking on the link in the email and profiling themselves.


Leveraging brand awareness to qualify prospects

Social Garden utilised personalised video creative at the top of the funnel to build qualified audiences for lead generation advertising. These brand awareness campaigns were extremely effective in driving engagement (with a CTR of 5%+ leading up to the project launch) and resulted in a conversion rate of more than 8% across lead generation campaigns.

Data-driven split testing & optimisations

A purpose-built landing page was created for each stage of the development, revealing additional information as the project progressed closer to launch. We conducted split testing and optimisations throughout the campaign to drive maximum conversion.

At an ad level, different messaging and creative combinations were tested to achieve the highest CTR and lead volume. This revealed the key drivers which would lead buyers to convert on the page and further along with an appointment request.


Exceptional Results


Sales enquiries


Website conversion rate


Sales appointments


Cost per sale

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