A data driven lead
generation and conversion
strategy for Metro Homes SA

Lead Tech / Omni-channel lead gen campaign in SA

Metro Homes SA

Continuing a successful two year partnership between Metro Homes SA and Social Garden, the Social Garden team leveraged data to optimise a lead generation and conversion funnel, reducing cost per lead and cost per sale over time. This case study showcases our results from FY20.


Leads generated


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"Dimitri and I have worked together for the last 2 years to improve the lead to sales rate for digital leads at Metro Homes SA. In FY20 we implemented three new methods for improving the conversion process: warm phone transfers to the sales team, SMS verification and live chat, each of which plays a vital role in nurturing leads through to appointment, and ultimately to sale.

- Loredana Principessa,
Senior Account Manager

Identifying the job to be done

The Social Garden team, worked to leverage emerging call centre technology and channels to optimise the Metro Homes sales and marketing conversion engine, successfully increasing the quality of leads generated and propensity of those leads to convert to a sale.

Supporting the Conversion Journey with the Call Centre

In addition to the traditional Social Garden calling model (sales booking appointments) three new elements have been introduced which have both increased lead quality and maximised sales opportunities:

1. SMS Verification

All new leads are SMS verified, which has eliminated bad data and contributed to a 65% phone connection rate

2. Warm Transfers

Sales ready leads are directly transferred to a sales agent through the phone. Sales can already be attributed to leads that have been through this process.

3. Live Chat

The newest call centre element; Live chat has been added to the confirmation page (after profiling) to increase touch points in the sales cycle and allow another opportunity to generate an appointment.


How Social Garden Support the Metro Sales Team:

"Social Garden devised a smart strategy for finding new clients by providing an extensive and thought-out plan for lead generation. This has helped our company increase our sales volumes, which has enabled us to move into the top 4 builders in South Australia. We highly recommend Social Garden if you are looking for a tech savvy professional lead generation company, that can not only boost your leads volumes, but increase your sales numbers."

- Dimitri Peppas, Business Development Manager
Metro Homes SA


Results and insights snapshot


leads generated


Profiled leads


Outbound calls


Appointment or Client follow up request

We look forward to strengthening our partnership in 2021 by continuing to improve the lead to appointment process and further refining campaigns to create sales ready leads.

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