A Customer First
Lead Generation Strategy
for Olivine by Mirvac

Delivering qualified leads in a highly competitive growth corridor.

Mirvac’s Olivine community is situated in Donnybrook, in the heart of Melbourne’s Northern growth corridor. A land development set to comprise an estimated 5,000 lots once completed, Social Garden and Mirvac Victoria have been working in partnership on the project since the successful launch campaign in 2016-2017.


October 2016 - Present

A Digital Advertising Strategy Aligned to the Customer Purchase Funnel

Mirvac’s Olivine community is an established and growing development, requiring a lead generation strategy aligned to its maturity. With the goal to deliver a consistent pipeline of leads to the Olivine sales team, monthly Social Garden lead targets are maintained through a multi-channel digital advertising strategy.

Reflecting the property purchase funnel, the digital advertising strategy focused not only on the leads of today, but was also designed to support the leads of tomorrow, building a pipeline of prospects educated in the Olivine project benefits, Mirvac track record and location amenity.

All leads generated integrated seamlessly into the Olivine CRM, with sales alerts sent to the sales team each time a lead was added to the database, supporting immediate follow up and display appointment booking with the sales consultant.

In addition to lead generation, the Olivine campaign strategy incorporated a profiling questionnaire to not only provide the marketing and sales teams valuable data driven insights on their prospect audience, but to also allow the sales team to prioritise the leads based on level of intent and readiness to buy.

“As the Olivine development has evolved over the years, as have our lead generation campaigns. In an ever changing, highly competitive growth corridor of northern Melbourne, we have faced the challenges of changing market conditions, more competition, and advancements in advertising platforms. Through data driven insights and integration of offline data back into digital advertising, we have continued to deliver consistent, strong results for Olivine. This has been possible through our omni channel approach to campaigns, which allows us to adapt in real time to ensure the best possible outcome across all key metrics.”

– Kaan Gude, Head of Advertising, Social Garden

Conversion-Focused Content

An integral focus for the Olivine campaign, given its situation in a highly competitive growth corridor, was to utilise content to  differentiate the Olivine project from the competitor set, whilst generating quality leads amongst the target audience.

We ran advertising across a range of platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads.

  1. Demonstrating the USPs of the project and to educate prospects on “Why Olivine?” and “Why Mirvac?”
  2. Showcasing the imagery and brand positioning of the Olivine community within a conversion driven environment.
  3. Identifying and scaling audience, channel and content fit to find “sweet spots” to drive quality and efficiency of lead generation.

“Through a multi-channel testing and optimisations strategy, we have been able to identify key trends and motivators amongst the Olivine community prospect pool, leveraging these insights not only to support the campaign, but also sharing these insights for the benefit of the wider above the line marketing strategy.”

– Kartik Misra, Account Manager

Data-Driven Insights and Optimisations

Given the maturing nature of the Olivine community, a key component of the campaign strategy has been a robust testing and optimisations framework. This allows us to:

  1. Personalise content to different audience groups based on their priorities and motivations.
  2. Leverage audience behaviour to inform campaign and content evolution over time.
  3. Maintain strong results over a long project timeframe.

Personalising Content

Through segmentation of the campaign, Social Garden identified key content types that resonated with different audience groups, optimising this content as the campaign progressed to identify the key motivators. For example, an audience with school aged children were more likely to receive advertising informing them of the planned school on site.

Customer-led Strategy

Through the Olivine campaign, Social Garden advertising, creative and strategy teams have closely monitored content, channel and audience performance, overlaying this with a testing methodology across all conversion points. These learnings have driven a customer and data led campaign strategy which aligns with shifting audience triggers, market sentiment and project milestones, ensuring a consistent and strong performance as the Olivine community matures.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with Mirvac Victoria as we enter our 6th year of working together.

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