EduTv Ep.6 Convert Leads Not Yet Ready to Study

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Hi Alice! So, my clients sometimes ask me, what they do or what should they do with leads that aren’t ready to study yet? What do you think or what are your thoughts?


So the first thing that I would do is find out why they are not ready to study. Maybe that they’re too young to study that they’ve gone on a gap year or they’ve landed on a new job. Then I would store that information in your marketing automation platforms or CRM software for later use.


And then what should you do with that marketing automation software? How will that benefit you going forward?


Yeah. So by later use, I mean you can build trigger alerts within MA that will let your recruitment team know that an old prospect has returned to your site and that may trigger them to give them a phone call.

You can also set-up a series of automated emails that that the prospect will start receiving and it will be hyper personalised. So if they’ve been on a gap year, welcome them back to Australia and let them know that you’re there if they want to have a phone call to start re-discussing their study options for the following year.


And so for leads that are cold or warm and they haven’t really been re-visiting the site or showing having much interaction, should they not contact anymore at all or what should they do there?


I mean, only do that if they’ve unsubscribed. I think that people are really interested to know what’s going on at their university. If they’ve inquired before, you still could definitely be in the consideration process for a later date. So I would keep them up to date with whatever is happening at the university. You may have opened the new campus or have new courses available for the following year. Make sure that they feel like they are already part of your community.

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