Remarketing and Retargeting

Be top of mind at every stage of the decision making process with hyper-
personalised remarketing and retargeting.

key benefits

Be there at every digital touchpoint

Target and actively convert prospects as they move around the web, with behavioural data insights.


Re-engage and close prospects

Stop leaving money on the table. Create more digital touchpoints and convert website traffic into viable sales.

  • Identify Audience

    Remarket to website traffic, landing page
    visitors, past purchasers, event attendees or
    based on email engagement.

  • Segment by Purchase Stage

    Establish a clear remarketing call to action
    and move prospects through the funnel at

  • Personalise Messaging

    Match the message ith the buyer stage to
    drive your next conversion objective in a low
    cost environment.

Many thanks Social Garden, you have played a big role in helping us launch our marketing automation efforts and transforming our approach towards hyper-personalised marketing.

tyrone hayes

curtin university

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