Official Facebook marketing specialists

Get the most from your marketing investment when you work with one of Australia’s leading Facebook marketing agencies.

Get the most from your marketing investment when you work with one of Australia’s leading Facebook marketing agencies.

Key benefits

Maximise your Facebook marketing strategy

Our team of skilled experts will help you achieve your conversion goals, from brand awareness through to being accountable for sales.


Tap into engaged audiences

Reach and convert highly qualified audiences with robust targeting capabilities and cross-channel opportunities through Facebook marketing.

  • Build Rich Audiences

    Using powerful custom lists and audience segmentation strategies.

  • Retarget Prospects

    Turn engaged audiences into leads with retargeting ads on Facebook.

  • Nurture Leads

    Support sales ready opportunities through the journey with tailored ads.


Facebook Marketing FAQs

Find answers to common questions about Facebook marketing for business.

Facebook is one of the most effective social media marketing platforms for businesses when done right. With over 2.7B monthly users, you can reach large audiences who are interested in your product or service.

Facebook is built to help businesses meet a range of goals, from brand awareness through to lead generation. Robust targeting capabilities and mobile-first ad formats make the platform a great tool for social media marketing.

We focus on two key Facebook marketing strategies: organic and paid. Organic Facebook campaigns will help you build up a community of engaged followers. This is great for improving brand awareness, website traffic, website conversion and ROAS. On the paid side of things, we reach your target audiences using advertising. The objectives will vary depending on your business, but usually it’s ROAS, sales, leads, traffic and brand awareness.

Conversion rate and click-through rate have the biggest impact on your cost per lead and cost per sale.

There are many ways to improve your Facebook marketing. Here at Social Garden, our team will regularly optimise the content strategy, messaging, image and video assets and targeting of our ads to go one better - that includes optimising landing pages for campaigns too.

Our Facebook marketing services start from $3,000 per month. The cost of our Facebook marketing services depends on your KPIs and the number of channels you want to be on. Our social media advertising campaigns start from a minimum of $8,000 per month.

The key to creating great Facebook ads is tailoring the assets for the specific channel and placement. We have a specialist creative team and a community of content creators who develop image and video content for Facebook and Instagram. Our years of in-platform experience enables us to produce creative that is mobile-first and optimised for conversion in a variety of placements.

Track your performance with real time reporting on key metrics, including our own live reporting analytics tool, LeadTech Insights. This is a great platform for property developers and agents who want easy access to real time data.

Yes! We offer a wide range of digital marketing services including lead generation, social media marketing, Facebook advertising, SEO, call conversion, market research, email marketing, marketing automation, CRM and customer journey mapping.

How long is a piece of string? We recommend using your KPIs to guide your social media marketing budget. Put a number on the value of key metrics such as impressions, traffic, engagement, referrals and leads. Work out where your strengths are and where you need more support, then invest your budget appropriately.

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