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In FY22 our call centre team converted over 50% of property leads into appointment requests and sales follow-ups. Find out how below.

Need More Sales Appointments? We’ve Got a Secret Weapon...

100,000s of calls. Five years of data. That’s what it takes to create a fine-tuned conversion framework that maximises turning your leads into more opportunities.

A Track Record Of Delivering Results

Check out these case studies where we’ve leveraged our call centre to create a ton of value and huge ROI for our customers over the years.

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Phone Sales

  • Phone Sales
  • Progressive Profiling
  • Call Centre Training
  • Data Collection
  • Call Conversion
  • Script Development
  • Appointment Setting
  • CRM Integration

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Find answers to common questions about our call centre services based in Melbourne, Australia.

Call Centre Marketing FAQs

Our call centre acts as a call concierge service for customers. Our core service offering is phone-based conversion. We assist property developers and real estate agents with appointment conversion. We have a number of strategies to help customers generate sales by re-engaging their existing database. We also offer a managed inbound calling service where we manage our customer’s 1300 lines.

Our Melbourne-based call centre will support your sales team and improve the customer’s experience. Our agents are trained to call, qualify and convert your prospects into sales appointments. We are online 363 days a year (so you don’t have to be) and our system integrates with email, SMS and live chat to deliver an optimal first impression.

Our call centre’s internal KPI is to call leads within 1 hour, our SLA is to call all leads within a 2-hour timeframe.

Our call centre offers a fixed cost per managed lead based on the number of enquiries you generate on a monthly basis

We track conversion at every stage of the buyer journey to drive efficiencies. Our live reports make it easy to track the performance of your campaign.

Our call centre has great depth in property and education. Outside of these industries, we have provided calling services for customers working in not-for-profit, finance and B2B.

We are based in Melbourne, Australia.

Our call centre services operate 7 days per week throughout the year.

Our agents are trained to profile buyers and filter out the tyre-kickers. This enables us to measure intent and likelihood to purchase, as well as unlocking personalisation. We can collect information such as buyer type, timeframe to purchase and product preferences.

We take the training of our call centre agents seriously. Our talented team is trained on how to handle different types of customer inquiries and sales calls, and we provide them with ongoing coaching and support to keep their skills sharp. Onboarding for each unique client is thorough and constantly updated as the campaigns evolve.

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