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It's good to be a Gardener

Gardener of the Month

Under a democratic vote, you could be the proud winner of a $200 voucher.

Flexible Working Hours

We make it easy to customise your eight-hour work day so you can work however or wherever you like!

Birthday Half Day

On the anniversary of your birth, you can sleep in or leave early to recover from or get the party started.

Work Anniversary

Each milestone anniversary, the Garden gives you return flights and time off to travel the world.

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the team

George Glover Co-founder / CEO
Michael Bird Co-founder / Executive Director
Nicole Bottrell CFO
Nik Sproal Director of Operations
Danielle Skittrall General Manager of Customer & Strategy
Donna Harding Head of People & Culture
Gabriel Mingorance Head of Data & Integrations
Kaan Gude Head of Advertising
Max Schuler Head of Call Centre
Rosie Brown Head of Student Garden
Sam Gossage Head of Marketing Automation
Aaron Bird Business Analyst
Amanda Yango Traffic Manager
Emily Rowe LeadConvert Team Leader
Anotidaishe Masawi LeadConvert Agent
Asley Badillo Executive Assistant/Live Chat
Bawa Singh Developer
Camille Tabagan Digital Producer
Chamalee Karunanayake Account Director
Cherry Aragon Data Analyst
Christopher Laver Senior Marketing Automation Producer
Clarissa Atienza Account Executive
Claudia Thwaites Junior Digital Designer
Cliodhna Reidy Account Manager
Dana Wu Junior Digital Designer
Darcy Keely Digital Marketing Specialist
Galatea Pepperell Senior Account Manager
Gemma Lawrence Senior Copywriter
Georgia Worswick Senior Campaign Manager
Georgie Millard Account Manager
Ginny Barro Senior Account Manager
Holly Deakin Account Manager
Hugh Nguyen Finance Assistant
Jacinda Gulen LeadConvert Agent
Jonathan Tran Technical Producer
Katja Becher Account Manager
Kiera Eardley Marketing Manager / Copywriter
Lauren Lucas Social Media Producer
Lesley Cortez Campaign Assistant
Madison Marshall Motion Designer
MCoy Aguirre Project Manager
Marielen Macario Campaign Assistant
Marinel Kalalo Campaign Assistant
Nasteho Said LeadConvert Agent
Nick Failla Copywriter
Orgen Corpuz Website Developer
Orla Moffatt Senior Account Manager
Owen Taffinder Senior Marketing Automation Consultant
Philippa Lavery Social Media Manager
Ryan Benniston Senior Designer
Samantha Stephens LeadConvert Agent
Santiago Garcia Campaign Manager
Sarah Kelland Senior Account Manager
Serena Yong Campaign Executive
Sweetzel Macapugay Data Analyst
Victoria Chang Accountant
Victoria Molin Senior Account Manager


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