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Sprout Program


Do you want to put your storytelling skills to the test? Wanna create content that dominates the social media airwaves?

Social Garden is looking for a super keen writer interested in learning all about the world of content marketing, social media and SEO. We’re also excited to introduce them to real skills, with access to clients and goal-setting for their time with us!

Social Garden is a haven for driven, ambitious performers who want to collaborate with designers and writers across our digital content team. With a focus on higher education and property markets, they’ll receive niche experience to give you an edge post-internship.

Welcome to the Sprout Program

Sprouts are immersed in all day-to-day functions of the digital content team. Across various content disciplines, interns learn multiple areas of the business.
In the world of SEO, sprouts get a handle of:

  • Blogging
  • On- and off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • SEO audits
  • Google Analytics and reporting

To fine-tune their writing skills, they also get a whirlwind tour of conversion rate optimisation, landing page copywriting and advertising copywriting.

Social media is a key part of the business, and we offer an overview of everything about community management. More than just Facebook likes, we give an insight into:

  • Social media strategy, moderation and analytics
  • Audience creation and targeting
  • Reporting

With so much to learn, you’ll be able to put your new skills to the test with a supportive team behind you. Our in-house marketing efforts will show you just how multi-channel and content distribution strategies work, preparing you to confidently make your mark in industry.

Why Social Garden?

Social Garden is committed to delivering a valuable learning experience that can jumpstart future careers, either with us or elsewhere in marketing. Interns can expect to have a well-rounded and focused position over three months, with specific opportunities that include:

  • Potential career springboard: bring your A game and you might be offered a full-time position
  • Executive support: our team is here to mentor you and develop your creative skills, from the most senior people in the company
  • Collaborate with talent: we nurture creative freedom and new ideas, attracting the brightest minds in our field. We take pride in the work we create for our clients!
  • Join a family: we love to pack our office with talented people who share our passion, supporting each other and celebrating our successes
  • Disruption: help us break boundaries, try new things and disrupt business models set in stone for decades
How can future interns land the role?

Social Garden values people who are driven, can collaborate and contribute ideas from the word ‘go’.
Be keen, aim high, work fast, be proud and embrace the roller coaster that digital marketing often is, and you’ll be a sure fit.
The most successful interns make the most of it and enjoy the ride, so if you’re ready to jump right in, it’s time to get in touch.

How to apply

  • Submit your CV and a cover letter to [email protected]
  • Include 2 recent examples of your writing
  • Tell us which you would pick at the start of your Pokémon journey: Squirtle, Bulbasaur or Charmander.
Internship Details
  • This is an unpaid position for 3 months. We will require you to work two full days a week of your choosing at our office in Abbotsford.
  • All you need to bring is your own laptop and some great ideas
  • This position cannot be accredited to any relevant study requirements/subjects, but we will be able to provide a letter of reference upon completion.

Remember, do your best and you could be offered a full-time position. Come join the Social Garden team today!


Digital Project Manager



Account Manager



Visual Designer



Sales Manager



Social Media Manager


We're One Of Australia's Fastest Growing Tech Companies
  • JobAdvisor Top 5 Coolest Companies To Work For
  • 50+ employees and growing
  • Snapchat’s First Bronze Partner Company In Australia
  • Facebook Certified Agency Partner
  • Salesforce Certified Partner
  • Google Gold Partner
  • Marketo Certified Partner
What's the opportunity? 🤔

We’re looking for a Social Media Marketing Manager to join the team at Social Garden. You will work closely with our account management, campaign and creative teams to deliver epic social media content for clients across retail, property and education.
This role is perfect for someone who lives and breathes social media content (either your own social media accounts or another brand). Ideally, candidates will have some work experience within an agency environment.

What will I be doing? 🚀
  • Create content and tell stories across Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and Twitter
  • Story board ideas for video and motion creative
  • Project manage the design of assets for social media clients
  • Get out and about for our clients and take photos of their products, activations and events
  • Work with big, recognised clients across property, education and emerging industries
  • Test new features and strategies to ensure we stay top of market
  • Keeping up with new platforms, social media trends and technologies
What skills do I need? 🧘‍♀️
  • Advertising copywriting
  • Social media management
  • Social media strategy
  • Some photography skills
  • Great people skills
  • Google/Facebook Analytics & reporting
  • Self-motivated and a commitment to personal development
  • Resourceful, proactive and positive attitude
  • Ridiculously high attention to detail and organisation
  • The initiative to take the program further and make it more valuable for yourself!
What will I learn? 👩‍🎓
  • Audience creation & targeting
  • How to manage multi-channel paid social media campaigns
  • How to create content that converts
  • How to measure the ROI of your content and advertising campaigns
  • How to create killer cross-channel customer experiences for audiences
  • How to drive personalisation across all digital channels
  • The relationship of marketing automation, CRM and social media
This role is perfect for people who have experience in … 📖
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Media & Communication
  • Social Media
  • Content Creation
The Team

Our offices are open, collaborative and yes, fun! You'll be joining a team that is crazy smart and very talented. We challenge each other constantly to improve and ask tough questions.

Benefits? 😍
  • One-on-one mentoring and support from some of the best in the industry
  • Getting on the tools and trialling what you’ve learned
  • Work remotely for one week of the year from anywhere in the world
  • Work with teams in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and New York
  • Seeing results, and finding new strategies to test and optimise
  • Participating in meetings and strategy sessions with our energetic team
  • Lots of snacks and fortnightly company lunches

our clients

the team

George Glover Co-founder / CEO
Michael Bird Co-founder / Executive Director
Charlie Read CFO
Alice Nuttall Director of Education
Nik Sproal General Manager
Gabriel Mingorance Head of Data & Integrations
Erica Sachse Senior Account Manager
Jake Taylor Account Director
Danielle Skittrall Account Director
Aaron Bird Business Analyst
Adam Hardy Call Centre Team Leader
Ahdiya Gurgani UI/UX Lead
Alanah Bruce LeadConvert Agent
Amanda Yango Traffic Manager
Andrew McLaughlin Account Executive / Content Creator
Anthony Arcerri LeadConvert Agent
Arvin Dela Cruz Salesforce Developer
Ashleigh Dong Accountant
Ben Savva Campaign Manager
Bawa Singh Developer
Camille Tabagan Digital Producer
Catherine Hand Solutions Architect
Cess De Leon Admin Assistant/Live Chat
Chamalee Karunanayake Account Director
Christopher Laver Senior Marketing Automation Producer
Clarissa Atienza Campaign Assistant
Gemma Lawrence Copywriter
Georgia Worswick Digital Campaign Manager
Jenny Nguyen Marketing Automation Producer
Kaan Gude Head of Advertising
Kartik Misra Account Manager
Laura Principessa LeadConvert Agent
Lauren Schubert LeadConvert Agent
Lesley Cortez Data Analyst
Loredana Principessa Account Manager
Margot Tanjutco Social Media Manager
Marielen Macario Campaign Assistant
Marinel Kanalo Campaign Assistant
Max Schuler LeadConvert Agent
MCoy Aguirre Delivery Manager
Michael Nadalin Campaign Manager
Orgen Corpuz Website Developer
Reymond Moreno Developer
Rosie Brown Account Director
Ryan Benniston UX/UI Digital Designer
Sakina Khaki Finance Assistant
Sarah Kelland Account Executive
Shenna Supnet Executive Assistant
Tim Kano Senior Account Manager
Zoe Mulcahy Account Manager
Zoe Peters Account Manager


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