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Welcome to the Garden! Today I’ve got Brett with me, we’re going to be talking about getting more bang for your buck with your digital campaigns.

Right, Brett. So at the moment, it’s the end of the financial year for universities and I’ve got a lot of my clients coming to me and saying, “we’re still not reaching our enrolment targets for next year, we don’t have anymore budget, what can we be doing to reach more students or prospective students without spending more money or without going into overdraft?”


Yeah! Well there are some simple tricks that you can use on social media, to really get the most out of your money. So one trick or one tip that I’ll suggest is uploading your existing database if you have a marketing automation software.

Uploading that into social media platforms so you’ve got a really defined audience and are targeting that exact audience through social media advertising. Another thing is that most social media platforms, because you have such a highly relevant ad will actually give you a lower cost per ad impressions, so they reward you with cheaper, cheaper advertising.


So a lot of the objections or kind of obstacles we face when running social media campaigns for our clients is that everyone’s still using stock images or re-using the same images from a photoshoot they had done like 3 years ago.

One way to kind of get through this is, that no one’s really using, is your user generated content. So you’ve got already your existing students tagging the university or tagging your campus on their Instagram or Facebook, sending in snaps – there’s no reason why you can’t reuse that content.

And we’ve actually been finding in our campaigns that the user generated content as the content that’s generating the best engagement and more leads as well!


Yeah! I think, any content that comes from a student who has experience at that university is going to be trusted by people looking at that and we found that especially in America, places like NYU have really started the student takeover of the social media accounts and are getting amazing results.


Exactly! Like people buy from people and that’s the same goes for students. They want to be connecting with existing students already at the university. They’re the ones who are going to make them feel like they’re already part of the existing community.

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