Adenbrook Homes

Pardot Case Study

The challenge:

Adenbrook Homes had a sizeable existing database of past customers and prospects, yet they lacked an understanding of their prospects individual preferences as it was dependent on a time-consuming process of New Home Consultants having to capture free text notes in a legacy set up of Salesforce. These notes were captured in a format that did not allow for segmentation, which was limiting the home builders ability to personalise content to their database.

Industry data shows that a home buyers customer journey is typically 9 to 12 months, yet Adenbrook Homes did not have visibility on which of their database were progressing in their decision making process to allow the New Home Consultants to re-engage with the prospects as they progressed in their decision making cycle.

After reviewing a number of solutions, Adenbrook Homes enlisted the help of Social Garden to conduct a Customer Journey Mapping Workshop to design their customers journey; implement Pardot to deliver the digital touchpoints of the Customer Journey; provide recommendations to the field and values in Salesforce and Pardot to support the customer journey and sales teams.

Starting with the customer:

In a series of workshops, Social Garden brought together staff from various roles in the business to define and map the current and future state of Adenbrook Homes’ customer journey. Armed with a detailed overview of the customer’s expectations, thoughts, feelings and ‘job to be done’ at each stage, Social Garden was able to map and scope the changes required in Salesforce and the touch points to be delivered in Pardot.


Progressive Profiling:

A key objective for the early stage of the customer journey was to progressively profiling prospects to allow them to share more details on their needs and preferences over time. Social Garden created nurture sequence for a segment of the database to prompt prospects to provide further details to allow for more personalised communications. As prospects completed the progressive profiling nurture they automatically advance to the relevant nurtures based on their preferences.


Capturing more data in less time: 

In addition to the more personalised communication with their database, Adenbrook Homes now benefited from an ever-green automated experience that relieved the sales team of the unrealistic expectation of having to complete an extensive data entry process in order for the business to gain insights on prospects and clients.



Keeping a pulse on thousands of prospects in real time:

Pardot lead scoring was implemented to consider both the explicit data the prospects had provided on forms in combination with their digital behaviour across emails, landing pages and the website. As prospects in the database complete profiling forms the values they answer contributed a relevant figure to their overall lead score. Similarly, as prospects returned to the Adenbrook Homes website the individual’s behaviour contributes to their lead score. Once the individuals lead score reaches a threshold the relevant New Homes Consultant is notified. The New Home Consultant can then access the prospects history within their Salesforce record to see what information they have engaged with to jump start the conversation around the relevant product.

Supporting adoption for the client:

Social Garden worked closely with the Adenbrook Homes team to create ever-green reports in their Salesforce to monitor the impact of the Pardot activity.

Once Pardot was implemented Social Garden designed and developed a suite of templated assets to allow Adenbrook Homes marketing team to utilise Pardot in-house without the requirement of technical specialists. This was done via a number of training sessions along ‘how-to’ documents and videos Social Garden created to further support the team.

“Social Garden have made easy work of addressing complex solutions. Their team combines specialised marketing automation experience in Salesforce and Pardot with a strong understanding of the requirements of the property industry to build on our customers’ experience.”

-Christie Turner, National Marketing Manager

Website form logic:

Smart Pardot forms were installed on the existing Adenbrook Homes website, Adenbrook Homes were then able to prioritise which form fields appear based on the information already captured in Salesforce on a particular prospect. This allows Adenbrook Homes to continue to collect new information each time prospects fill out a form and download floorplans. Which means the user benefits from shorter, less repetitive forms that create for a better user experience and continues to provide insights for Adenbrook Homes team.


Key Insights:

  • Progressive profiling increased the buyers profile data points by 250% (or x2.5)
  • Progressive profiling nurture provides the ability to segment to personalise content reducing unsubscribe rates and increased engagement.
  • 13% of new lead nurture members profiled themselves via a form fill out
  • Lead Scoring continues to deliver an additional 8% of opportunities for the sales team from the existing database.
  • The conversion rate of new leads who clicked emails who then explicitly profiled themselves via a form fill out was 70.3%

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