Learn how we used live chat to dramatically increase appointment conversion for a national home builder

Implementing live chat was an easy win for Adenbrook Homes to personalise their customer experience and turn high website traffic into sales qualified leads.

Inbound lead generation & management

Having been partnered with Adenbrook Homes since 2018, in 2019 we took the exciting next step to manage their inbound 1300 phone number.

Our Melbourne-based call centre respond to inbound phone enquiries and determine their propensity to buy, capturing critical intent markers such as:

  • Buyer type
  • Timeframe to purchase
  • Land status
  • Finance status

Sales-ready leads are passed on the the Adenbrook Homes sales team via a direct phone transfer or email appointment request.

Given the success rate of this, we identified there was a huge opportunity to convert more inbound leads by implementing a live chat function, managed by the Social Garden call centre team.

(Pssst. Learn more about how we optimise our post-enquiry call process).



Additional sales conversations with live chat


Average response time


Conversation to appointment rate


Attracting more qualified home buyers with Live Chat

For Adenbrook Homes, implementing live chat provided a seamless approach to profile home buyers on the website and Facebook Messenger. In this way, live chat could not only create a more personalised customer experience (in real-time) but also drive lead generation and increase appointments.

Social Garden have been instrumental in helping to grow the Adenbrook Homes business. Having a geographically diverse sales team, all with different opportunities, we’ve relied heavily on the Social Garden team to be the first port of call though our 1300 number and Live Chat service. With great industry knowledge and experience, they have been able to really engage potential clients and turn them into great leads. I’d highly recommend Social Garden to any business with a complex sales process, who’s first engagement with the customer is critical.

— Nick Vincent – National Marketing Manager, Adenbrook Homes

Why is live chat important?

of businesses say live chat has had a positive effect on customer loyalty & sales revenue
of consumers say they are more likely to buy from a company that offers live chat
of businesses said they understood their customers better within a year of using live chat
*Source: kayako.com/live-chat-software/statistics/

How to chat with customers online

We started the process by planning out a series of questions to profile leads while connecting them with an agent. This meant understanding the insights that Adenbrook Homes needed in order to drive sales opportunities, such as product preferences and intent.

If the conversation qualified the user as a lead with all mandatory information captured, then we integrated them into Salesforce. Appointment requests are transferred directly to an Adenbrook Homes sales agent via phone transfer or email request.

The most important success factor of live chat is to understand the nuances of the customer journey.

The benefit of launching live chat with Social Garden

For the sales team…

  • A consistent pipeline of qualified leads and sales appointments
  • Live chat frees them up to focus on hot leads
  • Gives agents a sense of ownership over the process with detailed handover notes

For the consumer…

  • Makes it easy for home buyers to have an instant conversation with a real person (major brownie points)
  • Provides people with a seamless experience for their platform and device

LiveChat for Adenbrook Homes has been an exciting project to work on. I believe that it’s key to diversify the channels in which your potential customers can communicate with you. Be available for them to engage with you on their terms. Not everyone is confident enough to pick up the phone initially. With a completely property-focused LiveChat team who pride themselves on their ability to convert you can certainly nurture those people, educate them about the home-buying process, build trust in your brand and get them ready to speak to sales over the phone, or in person.

— Adam Hardy, Head of Call Centre


Live chat campaign results

Since launching live chat in December 2020 for Adenbrook Homes, the tool has become an essential component in their marketing mix and an invaluable support for the sales team.


Additional sales conversations with live chat


Average response time


Conversation to appointment rate

We look forward to strengthening our partnership in 2021 by continuing to improve the lead to appointment process and further refining campaigns to create sales ready leads.

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