The Student Journey: Why Tertiary Education?

Understanding the student journey and why choose tertiary education

Video Transcript

Kane Fitzgerald

What impacted my decision the most of choosing a course was something that was mostly convenient and as well maybe not as, how can I put it, maybe high-density sort of with like populated with students.

Molly Steel

So I wanted to go out of my hometown when I was deciding what Uni to go to and also I was thinking about I wanted a fresh start and even though I still enjoyed all my friends, I just wanted to make some more and get out of my comfort zone a little bit.

Jack Quartermain

So there’s a number of different things I considered when I was selecting my Uni. I took into account all the social factors, where are my friends were going, the range of courses and things like double degree, do they offer a double degree or a single degree?

Tim Newton

So the reason I chose the teaching course was I’m the oldest out of all my cousins on both sides so I’ve had that experience of like being the older one, looking after little kids and its sorta became a second nature to me and then having conversations with relatives that are teachers, they also influenced me into choosing that. In terms of choosing a specific Uni wasn’t about like which Uni was better than the other. It’s just more that, that was the course that sort of suited me and that’s what I just went it with.

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