The Student Journey: How Did You Decide?

Understanding the student journey and decision making process

Video Transcript

Jack Quartermain

So I was helped out a lot by other career counsellors at school as well as talking to my friends about what we’re all gonna do and what we’re interested in. The careers counsellors really helped me in making decisions and exploring my options, basically explaining everything to me. You’re a bit anxious about the whole experience but they really helped me out and I did my own research as well so that’s really important I think. But yeah, I was ultimately guided by the counsellors which is really helpful.

Molly Steel

Well it’s mostly word of mouth and to be honest I always wanted to go to that Uni.

Kane Fitzgerald

I didn’t really know exactly what I wanted to do at the time so he said why don’t you give it a try? I started flying and the more I learned about aviation and flying is the more I learned to sort of love it. Cause there’s so much to it that I didn’t really realise.


Well my parents are pretty relaxed about the whole thing. They didn’t really care about what I did as long as I was happy so it was all pretty much my decision, so I pretty much put myself through that process and it was super easy.

Tim Newton

So the people that maybe helped the decision was my parents first it’s like I’d always been in conversation with them. Obviously, it was very topical at the time being, the time it was in year 12. And yeah, career counselors at school and then always like talking to friends, like extended family as well because I ended up doing a teaching course and some of my aunties and uncles are actually teachers so then talking to them about what it was like for them, what I should expect and that sort of thing definitely helped in terms of making like letting me know whether I wanted to make that decision.

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