PropTV Ep.9 Getting Buyers to Sales Appointments

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Mike Bird

Today we’re gonna talk about three tips on to increase your appointment attendance rate. So number one, making sure that the prospect is very clear that the purpose of the appointment is to help them buy and to work if this is the right project for them rather than just an opportunity for you to sell, sell, sell.

Jake Taylor

Yeah it’s gotta be of value, it’s gotta perceive value for them and getting them on site that they’re gonna learn something new, in part of that process where they try and learn more about that project to see if it’s even right for them.


Speaking really clear in terms of what’s different about your display suite relative to all the other calls they may have had, and again, how it’s gonna help them buy rather than help them kinda get trapped into an awkward sales experience.

Number two is in-home appointment. Really effective for property investment sales, not so much for the owner occupier when they need to come in kinda touch and feel the display suite but certainly with the kind of time-poor nature of property investors what we often find is either an in-home appointment or if you can come to their workplace or a cafe or something like that we found that’s an incredibly effective to convert more appointment attendances and then obviously converting those into sales.

And then the third one is really when you profiling the customer and thinking and asking them questions around why they’re looking for a certain type of product or whether they have children or other things. Using that time to get a bit of an understanding of their lifestyle and their kind of, commitments they do have.

So a good example of that would be you know if you’re speaking to a mother of two and she’s committing to an appointment of 3:00 during the term which is clearly, probably they have to pick up her kids. Just making sure that you’re allowing that your appointment fits in with their lifestyle rather than kinda just booking any old time and when it’s gonna be unrealistic to that person to attend.


Yeah sometimes sales team see it as like a qualifying factor if they’re happy to come through smaller display window times but realistically, just restricting your own access to the customer base that are trying to find out more about your process.

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