Ep.18 Drive Sales with Lead Qualification

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So Coel, tell us about why it’s important to qualify a lead.


Yeah! So qualified leads, if you are asking a sales person, they’ll tell you one of the most frustrating parts of their day is definitely prospecting leads and qualifying leads. So this cuts down their time,allows them to focus on more high value tasks of the day, so rather than spending 80% of the day, talking to people who don’t qualify for their product, or just that ready to buy their product, their able to focus that time on bringing people in for appointments or closing deals.


And so, what are some aspects or factors that contribute to this, what about call-time?


Yeah! So, time to call is definitely a big factor especially when we’re talking about our properly clients. Where a lot of time we are speaking to high intent customers, and most of the time they’re not just looking at the one property or the one apartment or the one land development. They’re shopping around, they’re looking multiple different places, and that call time is really crucial.

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