10 Ways to Get the Most out of Social Garden

At Social Garden, we pride ourselves in a job well done. After all, your successes are our successes, and we’ll strive to get you the best possible results for your campaign, whether you’re running lead generation, marketing automation or a range of our other marketing solutions.

While we aim to take as much pressure off of you as possible, we truly value your input. And with your help, we can really take your campaign to the next level.

Keep reading to find out the ten simple steps you can take to get more out of your partnership with Social Garden.

1. Fill out your Questionnaire with heaps of detail

When it comes to running your campaign, every little detail you can give us will be highly beneficial to driving stronger results. All of our questionnaires have been designed to provide us with information from all corners of your business so that we can best assess your market opportunity and create a bespoke solution for you.

The types of information that are crucial to us include:

  • Your individual KPIs. We want to help your marketing team shine within your organisation, and the best way to do that is to align your goals with ours.
  • Your key stakeholders. We understand that different departments in your business require a different view of our reports, so we can customise the reports for each department, whether that’s the IT department or your CEO.
  • Your existing systems. From your CRM and MA platform to your CMS, we want to be able to build our processes around what you already have in place.
  • Your existing media plan/offline marketing campaign(s). If you currently have any TVCs, billboards or anything else of the above the line variety, this can inform a range of processes surrounding digital advertising, including timing, frequency, and use of creative.
  • Your lead handling process. Perhaps you send your prospects to a telesales team or they’re send straight to your Business Development Manager. Either way, having an idea of how prospects/leads are flowing through your funnel will help us to map the buyer journey.

2. Provide as many assets as possible

The best way for us to initiate any campaign is to map out a plan that leverages a range of assets at different points in time, so we want as much as you can give – everything from images, infographics and videos, to white papers, key statistics and ebooks. Campaigns that are driven by different types of content allows us to target audiences using different approaches. This way, we have something that can appeal to everyone, and we can create new ways to reach your audience.

If you don’t yet have any assets to use for your campaign, feel free to get in touch. We can put you in touch with a partner to have assets created.

3. Share your ideas with us

If you already have a vision of how you’d like your landing page, your ads, your blog posts, your emails or other assets will turn out, let us know! Straight from the get-go when you first connect with your account manager, try to paint the best possible picture of how you see the campaign looking and panning out. From there, we can incorporate your ideas with what we’ve found to work best, and produce assets with the least amount of changes possible.


4. Get to know your account manager

Your account manager has been assigned to you based on their personal expertise/experience and are more than happy to shed light on your campaigns. In fact, this gives them a far better idea of how they better utilise the assets you’ve developed for your product offering in the past, as well as helping you develop new assets to more adequately represent and advertise your brand/product offering.

5. Don’t freak out

As much as we wish they would be, results aren’t always immediate. At a minimum, we aim to run campaigns from upwards of 3 months so we get the opportunity to iron out any challenges we may face in connecting with your audience.

Whether this optimisation involves messaging, creative or channel selection, we utilise a range of methods to ensure that we’re working towards the best possible results.

6. Help us create your perfect audience

You know the intricacies of your business better than anyone, from who your customers are, to the way they prefer to interact and how to best engage them. An understanding of where your customers typically come from can really inform that way we approach targeting. Universities for example, are likely to have feeder schools, and property developers might find that more investors are interested in their apartments than owner occupiers.

If you already have a Facebook Audience/retargeting pixel or website tracking in place on your website, it would be incredibly useful for us to gain access. This will give us a better idea of the audience pool that we’re dealing with, and we can more easily build custom audiences.

We can continue to build this audience pool if you have any corporate relationships that will allow for cookies to be placed on their website.


7. Be receptive

We’re disrupting business models that haven’t changed in decades and we’re seeing it all pay off. We want to help you innovate new ways to generate, nurture, engage and close your leads. So sometimes we’ll choose alternative/unusual approaches, but bear with us because our ideas are built on years of experience and we always have your best intentions in mind. Hear us out, and be sure to…

8. Ask questions

We’re more than happy to give you more information about how everything works, and to relieve any apprehensions you might have about our processes. The more informed you are about how we work, the better we can work together to optimise your campaigns and align it with the goals across your business.

9. Read your reports

We know first hand that the reports can be intimidatingly packed with stats, but we also know first hand that they are the source for incredible insights and information about your campaign. Whether your campaign is due to continue or move on to another product, the learnings we have about your specific market/target audience/product can be the difference between maintaining campaign standards, or taking them to a whole new level.

10. Think about the long game

We don’t back our services just because we offer them. We back them because we believe in a holistic approach to your marketing, across the entire buying funnel. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting out with us on community management, lead generation or marketing automation, we’ve got a plan to drive your revenue further. Whether that’s another product or a change in strategy, be sure to speak to us about how we can create long term plans that can continue utilising the data and building on experience.

If you’re in the process of evaluating any sales/marketing cloud technology, we have experience with almost every major cloud player and can offer unbiased advice on what we’ve seen to work or not work in the past.

We’re always moving towards improving and creating highly beneficial relationships with our current and prospective clients. If you have any questions about how we can work together, feel free to get in touch today.

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