Decreasing Your Cost Per Sale Through Search

Michael Bird:

I’m here with our Head of Search, Kaan, and today we’re going to talk about three quick tips for decreasing your cost per sale using search.

So, one that we were discussing before is pushing your CRM data from Salesforce, or whatever CRM you might have, back into your Google AdWords account, building individual segments off your CRM data so you can dynamically adjust your bidding to high-value segments.

Number two?

Kaan Gude:

So, number two would be smart display campaigns which just have started in Google recently.

So, rather than just generating you know, static images or a couple of gifs that might not really engage with the right audience, Google now lets you actually upload assets into its interface and will create these killer, natural looking ads based on websites that people are on and what they’re looking for.


So, the ad will change colour based on the background of the site.


Yeah, that’s right. It actually feels like a natural part of the website rather than an ad.


Awesome. And number three we spoke about was passing the actual search term into the CRM.

So if someone was searching for – say “apartments Melbourne”, they click on that ad, that piece of data is attached to the record when the lead is submitted into the CRM and that way, we can build audiences and have a look at our CRM data to work out what search terms are not just the best quality leads but also the best cost per sale.

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