CRM Management

Don't let complexity get in the way of opportunity for your sales agents. Get the most out of your technology investment with CRM management.


Turn your data into a gold mine

Know which channels produce sales and utilise your highest value market segments to maximise revenue with CRM support from the experts.


Fast-track growth with CRM adoption and accuracy

Gain competitive advantage with access to your highest value market segments and reliable sales data all in the one place. Find and win customers efficiently with CRM support and project management from the experts at Social Garden.

CRM Adoption

Execute a training adoption plan and empower your team to use CRM customer relationship management software efficiently for their role.

Pipeline Visibility

Accurately forecast revenue with reliable sales perfomance data to scale revenue and profits.

Identify Sales Funnel Gaps

Skyrocket sales and team performance by reducing fallover at every stage of revenue creation.


Don't see your logo below? We offer custom CRM management solutions. Contact us to find out more.

Many thanks Social Garden, you have played a big role in helping us launch our marketing automation efforts and transforming our approach towards hyper-personalised marketing.


CRM Management FAQs

Find answers to common questions about our CRM management services.

We have worked with dozens of clients to increase their CRM adoption through executing a training plan, utilising dashboards, developing lead alerts to draw consultants into the CRM tool and integrating nurtures to support the sales team. Speak with our team of certified CRM consultants to find the right solution for you.

There are many challenges of using CRM that we can help with. Some of the most common include user adoption, a lack of integrations, unclear objectives, insufficient training and a CRM system that doesn't align with your sales process.

Our team of Salesforce certified specialists provide unbiased, industry best practice expertise. You can trust that each Senior Social Garden consultant has worked on dozens of projects with the technical experience needed to deliver tailored solutions. Whether you are looking to implement a new CRM or improve your existing system, get in touch with us.

We have an extended team of certified Salesforce consultants and certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud experts to help you make the most of your CRM investment.

Huge. Using a CRM tool will help you to segment your highest value audiences, centralise the data points and communications for single customers and accurately forecast revenue. When you empower your team with the right data to create a seamless sales experience, the ROI will follow.

At Social Garden we believe the best way to maximise your CRM tool is to match it to the customer journey with a CRM roadmap. We'll work with your team in a series of workshops to define the sales process and map the end-to-end experience. Our team can then implement a CRM system based on your customer journey and business requirements.

Social Garden are CRM implementation partners offering integration services, training & onboarding, process workflow development, user testing, data management, strategy & consulting services, technical support, dashboards & analytics reporting and audits.

The cost of your CRM is largely dependent on the platform you go with and the scope of how you intend to use the platform. If you would like us to give you a ballpark cost estimate for your CRM implementation feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

Evaluate your CRM potential

Download our free guide to optimise your CRM and turn your data into a gold mine.

Identify prospects ready to buy

Find out which channels produce sales.

Utilise highest value market segments

Revolutionise revenue generation

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