PropTv Ep.7 Get Property Leads on the Phone

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Hi Guys! Today, we’re gonna be talking about an important topic which is, how do I get my property and real estate leads on the phone. Erica, how do we make it happen?


The secret sauce is speed to response and timeliness. So we know definitively that the quicker that you can call them after they have inquired the higher conversion rate or appointments is.


Ok, simple. So, what do clients need to have in place, to allow that to occur?


So you need to have an infrastructure in place that allows our resource to follow up really quickly with those inquiries.


So you don’t want to have one sales person dealing with volumes of leads because they’re just not gonna get to them.


Absolutely not! And you want to get onto them quickly because that’s when prospects is thinking about you. And you are in their consideration side.


Fantastic. So, outside of timeliness, what’s another opportunity for maximising your conversions?


So you want to be able to track the calls that you’re actually making and looking at the time of the day that the calls are being made.

You can also collect profile data around your prospects to look at the relationship between the type of person and the time of day that they are converting into appointment or being able to be contacted. So that way, you can make more data driven decisions around how the staff your call centre or when to actually reach out to your prospect that just comes in.


Say for example, that might be you’ll know every time when is the right time to contact the first time buyer as opposed to the upgrader or the investor.




Fantastic. So outside of those key opportunities, what else is there to do to get more in front of prospects?


I think that there’s an idea that the phone call is, the holy grail of the communication with the prospect, but in reality, if they are not answering the phone, doesn’t mean that they are interested, it just might mean that they are not ready.

And so there’s other modes of communication that we can use in order to open up the dialogue but also respect their preferences. So we can look at text message we can look at email, we can look at messenger.


And I guess it make sense, because you think about how you’re not using just one channel to attract the lead. So why would you use one channel to convert the lead?


You wouldn’t.


So three key takeouts here. Timeliness is critical, you can use data to drive better decision making to underpin better conversions and don’t just allow the phone as the holy grail of converting to appointments.

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