EduTv Ep.5 Maximise Your Open Day investment

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Hi everyone! Today we’re gonna be sharing three tips about how to maximise your open day marketing investment.

Pip, we’ve been talking a lot about user generated content (UGC). I know this is something that you wanted to talk about in regards to open day.


Yeah, so I feel like this is kind of the perfect time to get that content – that user generated content for your library build it up for the next year’s kind of marketing. You can get out and you can interview the students and their parents, take some great photos.


Yeah, use live social media channels!


Exactly yeah, and then you can store the videos that you get through those live channels get people to send in their videos of themselves at open day. And really then you’ve got a lot on hand to re-purpose throughout the year.


Yeah! And you’re getting that conversation started right there.


And showing all the fun that everyone’s having at university.


Yep, exactly! And so, next stage is lead generation, how do you get this started?


A few different options, you can give out free WiFi and get people to give you the email address to access the WiFi, competitions, surveys or the just like a clipboard standard procedure and just try to get that information—as much information as you can.


Cool. And then how do you keep that hype going after the event. So you’ve gathered everyone there, they’ve had a great day—what’s next?


You kind of want to ride the wave of the excitement and the hype around open day. So, you just get your comms started. You can re-purpose that content that you’ve gathered at the event and send it out to everyone that was attending. So they’re better interested, they can see what photos they’re in and kind of keep them excited.


Yeah, make them feel like they’re already part of the community and that they’ve already started their journey with the university.

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