Ep.10 Open Day Marketing Strategies


In this video, Pip tells us about the online and offline marketing strategies the team created for a university’s open day in Victoria. Watch the video and discover how nurturing your leads after the event is the key to a successful campaign.


Video Transcript


We know that Universities and TAFE’s are heavily investing in their technology suite. You’ve got your CRM’s, you’ve got your marketing automation platforms, student management systems, and these can be utilised to manage both your online and offline behaviour.

Often though, these platforms are not integrated together which means that you’ve got disparate data across different platforms.

I know that you’ve been working on an awesome campaign for an event where you’ve really been able to connect offline activity with online activity by integrating platforms together.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your open day campaign you’ve recently run?


So open day was a campaign we ran for a university client here in Victoria and it went really well. We started with the whole lead generation and nurture campaign. Where we wanted people to sign up and register for the event.

In the run up to the event, the week before we wanted to ensure that people actually attended so we had our first offline touch point which was the phone based at calling from here in our offices.

So that was really cool, we got a few people in and we did a few call outs, calling people that were registered, just making sure that they had all the information that they needed and felt comfortable about coming to the event.


Yeah, and it’s great because I now you’ve got this massive audience who already feel like they’re part of the community. The university’s community. And they haven’t even been on-site yet or on campus.


Exactly, yeah. So following that then the second offline touch point was the actual event.

This was a great event because there was an event technologies company there throughout the day who had a great system set up whereby all the attendees were given a swipe card on arrival. Then they’d swipe around the event, whichever stalls that they went to.

We were able to see what courses they were interested in and then take that information and integrate that with Marketo, which is a great marketing automation platform for higher education that we’re using.


And so you’re doing a post campaign strategy?


Yes, so now that we know everything about these attendees. We know what they’re interested in. We know what life stage they’re in. We’re able to tailor our communications and the post event strategy. All this to suit who they are and what they’re interested in.


Yeah, because I know a lot of universities as well are investing so much in these info sessions, open days. And they create so much hype but there’s nothing that’s happening afterwards.

And so it’s so important that you’ve got this post event strategy put in place to keep the hype up and get people excited to you know, be starting university of TAFE next year.


Super, super important. You can’t just have the event and then have nothing else following that. So yeah, it’s key to keep them informed and nurtured.

So, following on from that, we’ve been executing some really exciting campaigns recently, where we connect online and offline channels in an omni-channel strategy so if you are interested in finding out more, get in touch and give us a call.

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