EduTv Ep.8 Changes in the Student Journey

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Obviously over the last couple of years, there’s been some major changes in the student journey. What do you think the key shifts for higher education have been?


It’s been absolutely massive, I think. And I don’t know there’s many people who really understand or have recognised just the dramatic shift in the way that marketers and student recruiters need to think differently about how they engage with prospective students.

If we just take the normal high school leaver, and looking at the higher education university space, I think the biggest change is the fact that there’s so much more information available to students. And this isn’t you know, sort of to be flippant, but I think the whole, you know, the internet and social media marketing and all of those sorts of things have liberated access to information.

And it’s made the traditional ways that universities have worked in the past, where the student has needed to come and either collect a publication or have a conversation with someone face-to-face, has shifted dramatically. That was the past.

Today, it’s more about what my friends think, what do mum and dad think, what do the people at school tell me?

And then, I’m gonna to go out as individual and I’m gonna make choices based on the fact that I’m in control, I can sample, select, review at my time, my leisure, all the different things that I’m looking for. And only then, may I make perhaps contact with a university. And that might be coming on to campus to see whether or not I like the space.

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