Data-driven social media marketing.

Don't risk your social media advertising budget. Work with our experienced team to drive measurable and consistent consumer demand through our proven methodology.

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We specialise in creating & converting consumer demand via social media marketing

We've served hundreds of millions of social media ads and developed a formula for campaign success.

Data-Driven Targeting

We unlock the value of your existing customer data to target new prospects who have a high propensity to convert into new customers

Rapid A/B Testing™

We use high-frequency campaign optimisation to build consumer demand & deliver unique insights on your ideal customer demographics

Scale Up Campaigns

Once we achieve your target CPA, we begin increasing budgets while maintaining your cost-per-sale targets


Building awareness, generating leads, converting prospects

We specialise in creating unique, high performing strategies for each channel to ensure you get the outcome you're looking for.

  • Facebook

    Global connectivity on a social marketing platform.

  • Instagram

    Peer-to-peer sharing to grow engaged communities.

  • Linkedin

    Professional conversation and content amplification.

  • Snapchat

    Mobile storytelling and brand discovery platform.

  • Google

    Search and browse specific product categories.


Many thanks Social Garden, you have played a big role in helping us launch our marketing automation efforts and transforming our approach towards hyper-personalised marketing.

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3rd Party Data

Partner Categories

Website Visitors

Amplify social media marketing with content marketing and retargeting.