A Quick Guide to the Basics of Digital Marketing

Crash course guide to the basics for digital marketing

Digital Marketing is much like traditional advertising in the early stages. To succeed, you still need to carefully decide on the best medium to reach and communicate with your audience.

The beauty of the digital landscape compared to traditional methods of advertising is the ability to communicate with your audience in a highly targeted way.


Step 1 – Know your target audience profile

Some things to consider are:

  • Who are you looking to sell to?
  • Where do they “hang out” online?
  • Which social platforms are they using?
  • How do they search for products and services online?

Once you have identified who your target demographic is and what they like to engage with the brands they follow – they’ll welcome your message.


Step 2 – Choose the best platform to reach your audience

Between the various social media, search engines, display advertising and direct email marketing options, there are many ways to effectively reach your market online.

Almost all consumer age Australians have some type of online interaction. Whether it be researching via Google, posting madly on various social feeds or reading content online – most platforms have a measurable weighting toward a particular demographic.


Step 3 – Measure & Adapt

Don’t be afraid to change what you’re doing. The digital marketing landscape is famous for its rapid change. While this might seem daunting initially, it’s actually one of biggest advantages of going online.

The target audience profile, message, and placement of your online communication can be adjusted quickly. Whereas in traditional media the expense of producing a TV spot, a radio ad, or in printing, you’re stuck with it until the next campaign.


Let’s wrap it up!

In summary, if you are new to digital marketing, consider this is the most, effective platform to communicate directly with your market. With careful, knowledgeable planning and implementation, your return on investment quickly. And what’s best, at a higher ratio than ever before.


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Ben Kushinsky

Ben Kushinsky is a Senior Digital Strategist at Social Garden. He works with clients to develop their online brand and revenue generation strategy. Ben has 15 years of experience working to develop E-Commerce businesses and has worked with premium brands such as Aston Martin and Mini.


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