Case Study: Skyline Education Foundation Australia

Social Garden provide extensive writing services across all facets of digital marketing. Spanning email copywriting, writing for infographics, web page copywriting, video scripting, as well as SEO optimisation, we write for various industries and audiences. Understanding the nuances between platforms, as well as the value of the platform itself, is integral to our success.

Skyline Education Foundation Australia approached Social Garden to assist with optimising their digital content. Skyline Education Foundation Australia was initially using default email marketing templates. Our first priority was to redesign these templates so that not only could be used during the 2017 Christmas campaign but for everyday communications thereafter. An email campaign was designed, written and implemented across three themes.

Liaising with Skyline Education Foundation Australia throughout the whole process, our emphasis on real change was highlighted through the effect on a person’s life a donation can have. These campaigns brought real faces of students’ who had benefited from Skyline Education Foundation Australia to subscribers’ inboxes, with an emphasis on video content that is projected to further dominate content consumption.

A series of Alumni testimonial videos were filmed at the 2017 Alumni Christmas event, for which Social Garden also donated space, videos for distribution had been storyboarded in line with content ideas from Skyline Education Foundation Australia. Identifying appropriate length, flow of questions and setting in advance to the party ensured that content was rich, relevant, and capable of being repurposed for future marketing strategies.

Requiring substantial work, the Skyline Education Foundation Australia donation page was completely rewritten to drive conversions. Adopting an aspirational and confident voice, we highlighted past successes and future endeavours backed with data. These statistics enriched the content immeasurably and highlighted the substantial impact Skyline Education Foundation Australia has on its scholarship holders’ lives. Further spaced and optimised for mobile viewing, the structure of the website now encourages the reader to continue down the page towards donation buttons, rather than hindering that progress. The accompanying infographic, created in collaboration with both design and copywriting teams, provided compelling evidence to support Skyline Education Foundation Australia’s work, especially its expansive growth and student academic results.

As a holistic project, our efforts across email, copywriting, content creation and SEO optimisation has positioned Skyline Education Foundation Australia to accelerate its donation growth in 2018. On top of this, its brand awareness through increased marketing reach is expected to prove invaluable. With sustained emphasis on our collaborative outlook on writing and design in digital spaces, Social Garden is capable of extending these outcomes to any industry.

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