Our journey started with a focus on marketing and advertising to generate brand awareness.

After a few months we realised a change had happened in the way consumers research, consider and buy high-value products and our mission became clear.

We decided to become a company that changed the way sales and marketing worked together and switched our focus from marketing to creating customer acquisition solutions.

Our Philosophy

We believe over the past decade there has been a fundamental shift in the revenue creation process.

With consumers now having access to an enormous amount of content, reviews and information online, they are engaging salespeople much later in the sales process.

This means marketing now has a significant role to play in driving business revenue through new opportunity creation, prospect nurturing and delivering their sales team insights into the digital engagement levels of their pipeline so they can prioritise their time and close more deals.

Our role is to enable innovative marketers and salespeople to bridge the gap between their business units to improve sales funnel visibility, marketing efficiency and organisational performance.

Michael Bird

Co-founder / CEO

George Glover

Co-founder / COO

Charlie Read


Alice Nuttall

Director of Education

Nik Sproal

Director of Property

Gabriel Mingorance

Head of Technology

Aaron Bird

Business Analyst

Adam Hardy

LeadConvert Agent

Amanda Yango

Traffic and Executive Assistant

Camille Tabagan

Digital Producer

Catherine Hand

Marketing Automation Producer

Charlie Lange

Head of Digital

Christine Luong

Traffic Manager

Christopher Laver

Senior Marketing Automation Producer

Clarissa Atienza

Data Analyst

Coel Carmody

Call Centre Manager

Erica Sachse

Senior Account Manager

Elena Wright

LeadConvert Agent

Grace Lee


Gemma Lawrence

Advertising Producer

Jake Taylor

Senior Account Manager

Laylah English

Senior Account Manager


Junior Technical Producer

Pip Hamilton

Key Account Manager


Executive Campaign Manager

Marina McManaway

Senior Campaign Manager

Stephania Karathanasi

Campaign Manager

Tristan Lewis

Digital Content Producer