Conversion Rate Optimisation


With a focus on optimizing for device, you can quickly lift website leads and sales. We worked with Mercedes Benz to show how it’s done.


The mobile-first world is nothing new, but it’s a trend that’s changing search intent and how we get things done. When people search on mobile, it tends to lead to action: in a Think With Google study, 92% of those who searched on their phone made a related purchase

Mobile is where high value purchase decisions start. This poses a challenge for brands who need to optimise their online conversion pathways to not only consider different devices, but potentially put mobile first.

That was the problem faced by Mercedes Benz, who partnered with Social Garden to understand where they were missing opportunities to increase website conversion. In this spirit, we conducted a current state analysis of the Mercedes Benz website.

The growth team identified, tracked and analysed three major conversion points: Book a Test Drive, Build a Mercedes Benz and Request an E-Brochure. We wanted to find form friction points, set up conversion funnels to isolate blockages, track channel performance and audit the mobile experience.

The goal was to know the potential value of each conversion. Off the back of this analysis, an idea came to us. What if you could drastically improve website conversion, simply on the basis of device?

Convert website traffic into drivers

Using our planned testing model, we embarked on a thorough review of each conversion point using:

  • Heatmaps: good to track user clicks, movement, scroll, and attention.
  • Funnels: check conversions and drop-offs by channels, device, browser, operating system, duration on page and location.
  • Forms: see bounce rates, duration, interactions and submit errors on form fields.

Following the consumer attention

It became clear that majority of Mercedes Benz’s traffic came from mobile. Yet this device also yielded the lowest conversion rate, making it the greatest opportunity to improve overall conversion.

Only half of mobile traffic to the Contact Us page reached the call-to-action, where mobile users dropped out at the first form field than desktop and tablet users combined. We also discovered that social traffic made the second highest audience segment, but resulted in no conversions. These Insights indicate pretty clearly that mobile users just aren’t ready to commit their time yet.

From spiralling picklists to information overload

We worked through these insights with Mercedes Benz to identify the low hanging fruit: where we could drive huge improvements in conversion without overextending resourcing. From reducing pick list length in mobile to moving button placements on the page, we showed it’s possible to do more with less.


Conversion Rate Optimisation

Current State Analysis

Mobile Experience Audit

User Flow Tracking

With a new conversion rate benchmark in place, Mercedes Benz could see a 20% increase in test drive requests on iOS mobile, a 16% increase in test drive requests on Safari and a 200% increase in test drive requests through social.

Applying these lessons to your own strategy

Here are the three insights with our thoughts on how you can improve your own website conversion points.

The Job to be done for each device

Think about the level of intent for each device user and if your forms reflect this

Find the biggest opportunities for impact

Look at your lowest performing form first this is the largest opportunity to scale conversion

Don’t undervalue social traffic

Consider introducing retargeting and specific forms for different traffic sources


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