How we drove a 77% increase in clicks for just a 6% increase in spend

The Dulux teamed up with Social Garden to launch a lead generation campaign, to great success. The campaign helped Dulux's Do-It-For-Me service connect with high-intent search prospects and establish a strong presence in a competitive industry, all while reducing costs and increasing conversions.

Capitalising on high-intent search prospects

Dulux, an iconic name in the Australian market, partnered with Social Garden to launch a lead generation campaign.

The job: to connect high-intent search prospects with Dulux service partners for various home services such as painting, roof restoration, flooring, rendering, and decking. The audience to be targeted was spread across four major Australian cities: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast.


Case study timeline

January – October 2022

Team Members

  • Lineo Maliti | Account Manager
  • Kaan Gude | Head of Advertising
  • Georgia Worswick | Senior Campaign Manager

The challenge

The specific industry which Dulux's Do-It-For-Me service exists within is highly competitive, with micro-competitors in each city. This made it difficult for Dulux to establish a long-term, consistent impression share. Additionally, the rising cost per click was impacting the cost per lead for Dulux's service offerings.

The solution

To solve these challenges, the Social Garden team launched a search-only lead generation campaign for the Dulux DIFM (Do-It-For-Me) brand. Our goal was to flexibly respond to demand for specific services or from specific regions.

"We saw CTR increase and CPL decrease by tailoring and trialling different bid strategies across the portfolio, streamlining budget management by service type, optimising Google Responsive Ad copy, and implementing assets across all campaigns."

— Lineo Maliti, Account Manager

Strategy & Optimisations

Our strategy approach was layered:

Analysis of time of day/day of week to identify when people were most likely to be searching for and converting on these services — the majority of conversions occurred over lunchtime (12–3pm), and on Mondays
Refined keyword strategy; we expanded service keywords based on search term data and competitor analysis, refined match types to improve CTR and conversion rate, and added negative keywords based on historical performance
Dynamic locations inserted in ad headlines to drive performance from key suburbs/states, helping us to match leads with adequate service providers in the desired locations


We ran several split tests to determine the best approach for Dulux.

Through this, we found that pinning the service to the first Google headline improved conversion rate, but had little impact on CTR.

We also trialled different bid strategies, and found that campaigns with a consistently high search volume were able to benefit from a maximised conversions bidding strategy, while those with less traffic had a lower CPL when optimising for clicks instead.

Results to write home about

Across the final 4 months of the Dulux campaign:

Improved CPL by 25%

That's 4 whole months of consecutive reduction in CPL (and a 43% increase in monthly lead volume).

77% increase in clicks for 6% increase in spend

Along with a 40% improved CPC.

Improved CTR by 50%

More interest, more clicks, more leads.

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