How we delivered 1,396 sales-ready leads for Mason & Main before their launch

Coronation Property’s Mason and Main project needed sales-ready leads before proceeding to construction to ensure there was demand.

When marketing an off-the-plan apartment project to potential buyers, communicating the brand vision and establishing trust upfront is essential. For Mason & Main, we went to market with a clear strategy to build a qualified database and kick-start the sales process for this award-winning precinct.

Our goals were:

  1. To leverage a multi channel approach to acquire high intent leads.
  2. To capture Google and Facebook leads, and direct them to a unique LCP designed to control the conversion ecosystem and qualify prospects coming through

Our marketing strategy leveraged the excellent reputations of Coronation Property and Woods Bagot (the project architects), as well as the prime location of the development and extensive product range offered in the precinct.

As with all off-the-plan projects, the early marketing efforts relied heavily on computer-generated imagery (CGI) and compelling positional copy. Conveying the different pillars of the brand and precinct vision to potential customers was key to the campaign’s success.

We had to target the audience and optimise our marketing efforts based on the precinct’s offering, which was:

  • Apartments ranging in size from studios to 3 bedrooms
  • Prices ranging from $400,000 to $1,000,000
  • 1,396
  • Leads delivered to date
  • 64%
  • Profiling rate
  • 6%
  • Overall conversion rate

How did we achieve these results?

In our collaborative approach to the campaign rollout, Social Garden worked directly with the client to understand the key objectives, unique selling points, and overall rollout strategy. After confirming the key messaging for the campaign, the Social Garden team got to work on executing the lead-generation strategy — by leveraging our in-house copy, design, and campaign studios.

After launching the campaign, we continued to optimise and share insights with Coronation in regular discussions to scale the performance of the campaign. We actively introduced optimisations based on data-driven insights to improve performance, and incorporated sales team feedback to ensure inbound lead volumes were high quality with a strong propensity to conversion.

Generating sales ready leads

Given the nature of Mason & Main being an off-the-plan development at launch, a multi-channel strategy was essential to establish a brand voice and identity as part of building strong in-market awareness.

To maximise the number of leads, we first have to establish brand awareness. Facebook proved to be pivotal in building brand awareness for Mason & Main, while Google was optimal for capturing leads with a more immediate timeline to purchase.

For instance, on Facebook, we were able to showcase a broader suite of assets (including static and animated imagery, as well as video content), with a mixture of positional and retail messaging to determine what leads were most engaged with.

Moving into the next phase

As the campaign has evolved, and the project moved into different phases of construction, we have continued to trial different messaging formats and focuses along the way.

This has included introducing multi-variant testing on our landing pages in October 2021, which was an efficient way of finding out which messaging and imagery worked for the target audience. We have since changed the campaign back to A/B split testing, which provides more accurate insights and allows us to scale overall campaign performance more precisely.

We have also increased the personalisation of the journey from ad to landing page via the introduction of dynamic hero content on our landing pages, to ensure the landing page copy is channel appropriate.

Who was the team involved in the campaign?

“It’s been fantastic working so collaboratively with the Social Garden and Coronation team to deliver high quality products and lead outcomes. Seeing the strategy evolve with the project has been extremely rewarding.”

- Sarah Kelland,
Senior Account Manager

To launch a campaign from scratch in collaboration with the team at Coronation has been an extremely rewarding process! We’re now implementing early campaign insights into future messaging and supporting the team with data on their audience as the project moves into construction.

- Georgia Worswick,
Senior Campaign Manager

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