How we increased purchases by 260% with personality-driven Performance Max

As a successful omni-channel business in Australia, gummi sells their premium dog accessories via a number of third-party retailers — but a key component of their marketing strategy is to continue to drive click share for their brand to their own website (and thereby increase D2C sales). They do everything “For the Love of Dog,” and their range showcases colourful and design-led products including dog bowls, toys, collars and leads. With a small in-house team, gummi was on the hunt for a more dedicated resource to manage and optimise their advertising campaigns. Enter, Social Garden — we helped drive brand impression share and purchases for gummi, via Google search advertising.

The approach

Our approach was to create a multi-channel campaign that would protect the brand against competitors and increase click share for gummi in a crowded market.

We used a combination of branded search, shopping, dynamic search, and performance max campaigns to reach users across multiple touchpoints.

Our focus was on Google search, as it allowed us to immediately gain impression share among high-intent users and drive overall return on ad spend (ROAS). To support the campaign, we also utilised top-of-funnel and retargeting activity on social media.


Team Members

  • Ginny Barro | Account Manager
  • Georgia Worswick | Senior Campaign Manager
  • Kiera Eardley | Copywriter

Optimise, optimise, optimise

To maximise our efforts, we optimised gummi's product feed by inserting the brand name and "dog" into product names, as we noted that their original naming structure was leading to irrelevant or generic search results. We also leveraged gummi's strong brand imagery and personality by launching a Performance Max campaign, highlighting promotions and offers with sitelinks directing traffic to the sale page and promoting current offers with time-bound urgency.

"It's been really rewarding to work with gummi not only on their search advertising, but on their overall digital marketing strategy for the business. Working with them to plan activity throughout the year culminated in a really successful Cyber Weekend, and November 2022 was their biggest month of sales ever!"

— Georgia Worswick, Senior Campaign Manager

Results to write home about

The results were impressive. Since the start of the campaign, gummi has seen:

260% increase in purchases

Biggest month of sales EVER: November 2022

gummi saw an 100% increase in year-on-year Cyber Weekend revenue

88% increase in top impression share

25% decrease in cost per purchase

18% increase in ROAS

Our work with gummi highlights how effective Google search advertising can be in driving brand impression share and purchases in the eCommerce space. If you’re looking to make similar wins in your business, get in touch with us via the form below and let’s get chatting.

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