Reinventing onboarding through innovative video content for Informit Explore

In the ever-evolving landscape of educational resources, RMIT's launch of Informit Explore marked a significant leap forward. Aimed at revolutionising how students across Australia access quality information, Informit Explore was designed for public libraries and schools, expanding beyond the university circles where Informit had established its reputation.

The challenge was not only to introduce this innovative product but to ensure its effective adoption by two distinct groups: librarians in public libraries and schools.

Our mission was clear: to create an engaging, video-first content strategy that would simplify onboarding and showcase the value of Informit Explore to its new users.


Motion design

Animation and illustration

Project management

Creative strategy

The Team

Holly Deakin | Account Manager

Maddie Marshall | Motion Designer and Animator

A tailored approach to video content

Instead of the traditional text-heavy guides, we ventured into a video-first content strategy, spearheaded by Maddie, our in-house animation expert.

Recognising the diverse audience of librarians across schools and public libraries, we crafted instructional videos that blended simplicity with depth.

Our goal was to make the onboarding process as smooth as possible, ensuring each feature of Informit Explore was clearly explained while keeping the content engaging and exciting.

Key optimisations

The unique flow of our instructional videos represents a significant optimisation in our content delivery strategy. By emphasising clarity and engagement, we were able to address the onboarding needs of our target audiences effectively. This approach not only facilitated the understanding of Informit Explore's features but also contributed to a more enjoyable learning experience for librarians across Australia.

Anticipated results

While the content is yet to be released, our anticipation is high for its impact on Informit Explore's adoption. We expect to see a substantial increase in website visits, engagement rates, and content delivery effectiveness.

The final metrics, including the percentage increase in click-through rate (CTR), total number of website visits, and content pieces delivered, will be updated following the launch.

Quote from the client

“We had such a great experience working on a series of ‘how to’ videos with Student Garden. What we really appreciated was the level of expertise their team has and how up-to-date their knowledge of digital tools is. Our products are digital, so it’s key for us to work with an agency that’s on the forefront of this type of knowledge and understands how important it is for us to create video content that is clear and easy-to-understand.”

"Animation was an effective tool for this project, engaging viewers and simplifying their understanding of the software. Our design strategy was focused on capturing attention while avoiding viewer confusion, ensuring an enjoyable yet educational experience."

— Maddie Marshall | Motion Designer and Animator

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