Go for Growth: Ep.2 Define Manual Process

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I think, we’ve been a Marketo customer for almost 4 years now and I think one of the key challenges that we have was that, we didn’t really think about the manual process.




Before trying to automate everything and I think, you know as you mentioned, one of the key things really is having a well-defined strategy, understanding the manual process that you’re trying to deliver and the manual customer experience, you trying to deliver to that end customer. I mean before kinda getting to automating that whole piece, I think things like customer journey workshop, customer experience strategy, is a really important prerequisite before jumping into the full on automated solution.


Absolutely. And I think, you know, if you look at my world, I’ve come from the world of education, international education where the buying cycle is maybe two years in most cases, you need a long burn, onboarding – nurturing program, just to get them to the point where those international students apply, now I’m in the world of parking, you know, where people are downloading an app. You don’t need that long, it’s more about how do we onboard them, how do we educate them on the product? How do we get them to tell their friends about their product and applying automation all through that process so that, very different business, But automation is equally powerful in terms of how it can transform your business.

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