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So after my three month internship with Social Garden I was offered a full time position. So I’ve been working as a digital content producer and community manager.

Being given the opportunity to push yourself to learn as much as you can; there’s a lot you can learn from a University of course, that’s why you’re there, but being an intern will give you the opportunity to kind of reach out and learn the actual dynamics of a real world workplace.

Yeah the support was really good. Every morning we would just kind of run through the workflow and tasks that I had to do for the day and at the end of the day we would run through them again just to see how well I gone.

It was a good way to kind of mediate what I was learning, what I was working on and kind of set out the expectations for what I needed to accomplish for the day.

I didn’t really know what to expect when I first came, I wasn’t quite sure how big the company was but working with the small team, I think was probably better. I mean, like I said I haven’t worked with a big team yet but it gave me the chance to kind of, you know, personalise my learning experience through the internship I guess.

I think that talent, first and foremost would be the ability to take a chance, take a risk or take opportunities and be calm enough to learn from your mistakes. I think that is the key, so if you’re thinking about applying, I think you should definitely just, a hundred percent put all of your energy into trying out for it.

Worst that’s gonna happen is that you don’t get it, best that’s gonna happen is that you gonna enter the world of you know, digital marketing.

It felt really nice to come here and to work around people who were just striving to be the best that they personally can be, so that and the Friday Feast – so food every Friday was pretty good.

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