Social Garden wins tender to become Southern Cross University’s premier multi-channel agency partner

Digital marketing agency Social Garden will lead the charge as Southern Cross University’s premier multi-channel agency partner.

Southern Cross University is a progressive, young and connected regional research university, with campuses in northern New South Wales and the southern Gold Coast.

The win will see Social Garden tasked with Southern Cross University’s multi-channel creative and media services in a 3-year strategic partnership.

Social Garden specialises in performance marketing solutions. On their education arm of the business, they attract and convert prospective students into enrolments for universities, TAFEs and RTOs, in domestic and international markets.

Southern Cross University CMO Dean Gould says the university found Social Garden to be a good fit for them.

“Social Garden really impressed the team with their performance-driven approach. It is very aligned with the digital innovation journey that we are on,” Gould explains.

“They really understand student acquisition and the student experience. We look forward to achieving great things together.”

“This type of performance-driven marketing will transform our digital efforts and complement the in-house capability we have built over the last two years.”

Social Garden CEO George Glover says “We believe that quality education creates life-changing, positive opportunities. Southern Cross University shares this same ethos, so we’re really excited about working together.”

“Now more than ever universities have to adapt and look at student recruitment differently. Data-driven performance marketing and cross channel attribution are essential to delivering ROI in 2020.”

In a year that has been rocked by COVID-19, the ability to drive measurable growth is paramount.

Earlier this year Social Garden supported Southern Cross University in their response to the pandemic with the ‘It’s Time to Reset’ campaign which contributed to the successful session 2 intake addressing changes in the student experience and complex pathways to higher education.

The results include 35% growth in enrolments year on year for session 2.

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