Ep.16 Cut Through the Noise on LinkedIn

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Today, we thought we’d share some quick fire tips of how you be can be using LinkedIn effectively. So I thought we’d start off with the basic thing and that’s really about who to connect with and how to connect with people.

Obviously, LinkedIn lets you go outbound and connect with whoever you want which is fantastic. There’s a tool inside LinkedIn called Sales Navigator that enables you to segment different users based on industry type, job type and then you can go through and start connecting with people.

So, I think, you know, it’s a really good opportunity to connect with people who are in your industry and in your target market, and by connecting with them, personalising the messaging and making it really relevant to them, you see you get a really high conversion rate on those connections and that builds into an organic audience.


Definitely! And being able to personalise the messaging based on their role, their status within the company is so important. That different stakeholders are looking for the same organization or the same problem solving unit with a different lense based on their role. So, the marketing team compared to the sales team are going to be looking for different pain points and being able to personalise that message gives you the real cut through with these new tools.

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