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The changes to the consumption on LinkedIn is the biggest piece. Previously, people were only reading one or two articles on LinkedIn, the way the platform was set up, and then leaving. So it was really hard to get lot of messaging through to the right people.

With the changes to kind of promote video in their algorithm and the other content, people are consuming more and more on there, which increases the opportunity for visibility on the channel.


And I think, the type of content – if you look at three categories of content that you should be thinking about when you’re posting, is like looking at there’s a problem that either you need solving or a problem that you’ve just solved. And talking about that problem is a really good content strategy.

Looking at kind of like an “Aha!” moment, something that maybe you’ve discovered or you’ve experienced. People responded really well to that because it’s quite emotional and people find they have really good connection to that.

And then something that might be a milestone or something that’s happened, announcements within the company. It might be an announcement of your own. It might be an announcement of another company.

All these three categories, we find we get really good cut through on that type of content.


Definitely, and the context of that content is so important as well. All the platforms favour click-throughs that stay in the platforms.




So the post in the headline as the status, the post on the LinkedIn blog and uploading the video directly in the LinkedIn, keeps you within the LinkedIn environment.

So LinkedIn encourages that, so you stay there. If you’re linking out to another site, or other platforms for video and things, they’re not going to favour that click in the algorithm the same way.


Yeah. Exactly. Again, that’s why video is so effective, because if you can embed your videos, and you need to have professional paid account to be able to do it, but if you can embed your videos in LinkedIn, people are going to stay for longer, people are going to engage with the content and LinkedIn is going to reward you for that.

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