Ep.14 Testing Creative Before a Launch Event

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You mentioned briefly how to test and measure audiences and creative. Can you talk a little about the process and how a developer can actually do that in this stage leading up to the launch of an event?


Definitely! So where there’s often multiple sets of creative and it’s normally left to the decision making team behind the scenes to have to choose one and go with it.

Rather than having the opportunity to use data to test that inquiry, to test how many people are coming through and what type of prospects are engaging as well. Is it the people that are identifying that they’re in the right price range? Or are they a bit aspirational in trying to get to this kind of product?




So finding the right message for the right people and not just seeing what’s leading to general clicks and things like that.


Yeah! I think a good example of that is recently we did a project, called Habitus which was a project in South Melbourne. And it was really the client’s idea was that the messaging would be luxury and that would be what would really drive the lion’s share of the enquiry and ultimately, the sales.

Yes, luxury was an important message to lead with. But it really came down to the space and how they utilised space and in the townhouses that they were launching.

So, we were able to identify that prior to the launch of the campaign, which meant, you know they could adapt their messaging on the night and their messaging in their above the line strategy as well, to talk more about the spaciousness of the townhouses and the space.

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